Taipei 2017: Day 5 ~ Temples & Lakes

June 09, 2018

This has got to be one of my favorite days in our trip in Taiwan because I got to do a lot of sight-seeing for today. Because we really didn't have a fixed itinerary for this particular trip, we had some days we literally didn't have an idea what to do next. Day 5 is one of those days. We impromptu checked out some tours that our hotel offered, and we found one tour to this popular tourist spot named Sun Moon Lake, which is actually located south of Taipei. Because we really didn't have anything to do, we went for it, and I guess that's what made this trip a lot more exciting!

Riding a car, we went first to Wen Wu Temple and checked out the place. I was so amazed - this is my first time to visit such a huge temple!

I can spend the whole day looking at the engravings and designs of the temple. I felt like I was in that anime Fushigi Yuugi and is about to participate in a ritual for the gods. πŸ˜…

according to my Chinese friend, this reads 'Sun Moon Lake'

After going around the temple, we went to Sun Moon Lake and rode a cable car! πŸ’—Then we just went around the islands via boats.

Aboard the cable car! (πŸ“·: Jamm T.)
It drizzled for the rest of the day, but all was good. By the way, this is also the day Call It What You Want by Taylor Swift got released, and I had happy memories listening to it on our way back to the hotel.

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