Le Sucré Lab's Chocolate Dream Cake

August 21, 2018

You might have heard of it. You might have seen this on your Instagram Feed. Yes, there's a craze happening in town. It's a buzz created by this chocolate cake that people vows to be the best one around.

Or is it?

Presenting Le Sucré Lab's Chocolate Dream Cake!
If you are out of the loop, this highly crazed cake is a creation of Le Sucré Lab called Chocolate Dream Cake (aptly named at that!). With the overwhelming influx of orders to have come to their Facebook page, I was fortunate enough to get my order just a few days after inquiring (shoutout to my friend Hazel for picking it up for me! 🤗).

And so it really worth the hype? Here are my thoughts.

The packaging is actually bigger than I was expecting.
With all the photos and IG videos I've already seen online, I thought the tin can is just really solo size, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was slightly bigger than I imagined it to be. Plus, weighing it on my hand, the tin can was heavy. That's some loaded stuff in there, huh.

The appearance of the cake itself is exactly what's marketed online.
Again, I've already seen several people posting their dream cake online, and I must say mine looked exactly with what's online. I'm happy the Le Sucré Lab has their quality control on point, making sure every product sent out is of their standards.

The first bite was heaven.
Based on the texture of the cake, you can already see that there's a lot of things going on in there. Dipping my spoon into the cake, I discover a layer of textures: from the powdered cocoa powder topping, I broke into a crispy layer of chocolate bar and then into the spongy cake layer, then scooped a gooey chocolate texture at the bottom. After assembling all the elements just right on my spoon, I went and dived for it. I stopped in my tracks and screamed woah-woah-woah-wait-just-stop-right-there mentally. My palate was not at all prepared to experience the range of rich flavors this cake has. I had to pause and squint my eyes for a bit so that my brain can catch up with all the sensations my mouth was experiencing.

Before I could tell my colleagues (I was eating this with them at the office) my opinion of the cake, I sneezed. This usually happens to me on my first bite of anything rich in chocolate flavor. Well this cake is an exemption, because I sneezed again after eating two more bites, which says much about the taste of this cake. This is indeed a chocolate lover's dream come true.

So this is all the hype was about. I do like it, but not sky-rocketing super liked it. I told my colleagues it tasted okay.... but I guess okay is a bit of an understatement. It was good, but not enough for me to crave to get some more.

just look at all the layers happening here
Subsequent bites into it made me appreciate more all the flavors present in it.
My favorite is the gooey layer of the cake. It was like melted milk chocolate, but minus the overwhelming part. I agree with some of the people's feedback on this cake - it was rich in flavor, but not something that would make you sick of eating after a while. The chocolatey-ness is well balanced and distributed throughout the different layers. Honestly I would say that this cake is not that sweet, given the rich flavor.

It was an experience trying out this chocolate dream cake. As of writing, only 1/4 of the tin can remains of it, and I think I would just count it for the folks at home to finish it. My curiosity about this chocolate cake has been satisfied, and very pleasantly I must say.

If you are a chocolate lover or a person that appreciates quality-tasting stuff, I 100% recommend for you to try this cake out. You won't be disappointed. 😉

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