Walk The Moon Live at Market! Market!

August 21, 2018

I thought I'll never feel this way again.... falling in love with a band at first sight.

Walk The Moon returned to Manila to perform in a one-night-only show, c/o MMILIVE. The last time the band was in the country was in 2015, wherein they did a series of performances across Ayala Malls. I still didn't know them that much back then, but I super like their song Shut Up and Dance, which is I think their biggest hit to date. As the years passed by, I learned to like their other songs and vowed that I'll see them the next time they come to the country to perform.

Well great things come to those who wait, right? They came back after 3 years!

What perfect coincidence because I was near at the venue where their concert were to take place this time, else I think I would be risking to miss their show again.😑 It was specially convenient for me to even walk there from the place where I work. And so I carefully read the instructions provided by MMILIVE in claiming tickets to the show. I was extra delighted because the deal is better this time: for a purchase of (2) 250PHP Ayala Cinema GCs, you get two tickets to the show! I just had one little problem. To whom should I give that one extra ticket? (single problems lol). Since WTM is not that popular here, I didn't expect any of my colleagues to be acquainted with their music. Well I didn't dwell long thinking who to drag to the show thankfully. I asked my friend Lynzel if she was available on the date of the concert. She's been my concert buddy for several shows now (Jason MrazImagine DragonsIn The Mix, Bruno Mars) because we somehow have the same taste in music.

After the show! (potato quality aargh 😑)
Technically, the show was free because it was held in an open venue (in a mall) where everyone in there can go to the activity center and get a peek of their performance on stage. The ticket passes were just actually for the pit area in front of the stage, if you want to be closer to them. For the few days before the show, I was listening to their discography. I was pleasantly surprised to discover other older songs from them that I really liked. I knew then that I am up for some fantastic show with WTM.

And so the day of the show came. There were already a lot of people when we arrived at the venue. Most of them were youngsters with some paint drawn on their faces (which I later learned is one of the band's aesthetics).

They opened with One Foot, which is one of their songs that I was really jamming on. Few seconds of the songs and the eargasms came, and I remembered all the reasons why I fell in love with live concerts. It all came back to me. I felt tingly with all the emotions, hands felt numb, and head felt light. I wanted so bad to dance and scream every lyric of the song, but unfortunately I didn't still know most of the lyrics (hehe 😅 I promise when come back I'll be more prepared lol). I also created a mental note to always enjoy the artist's opening song on stage, no shooting/filming first.

I know I liked their songs, but I sure fell in love with them after seeing them live. They're such an underrated band, in my opinion. Their talent deserves a stage in an arena. Nicholas Petricca's vocals, their lead singer, gave me such good sensations every time he belted high notes. I thought I was going to faint right there and there. I love his voice so much.

The band also has very contagious energy on stage. This guitarist caught my eye. He's such an eyecandy.

Hello there cutie. His smiles melted my 💗.

The show lasted for about an hour. It was short but sweet.

After the show, I researched more about them, and OMG they make the most hilarious IG stories! They all are vocally talented, they can pass up as an acapella band too.

And they did a fantastic cover of Yellow from Coldplay. This. band. is. just. so. 💗💗💗💗

I'm going through this lovely journey again of discovering more of their songs and falling in love with them little by little. By far the song that moved me the most is the track called Aquaman. At first, I fell in love with the melody, but upon reading the lyrics I jut fell hard. I now want this to be my song in my wedding. 😍

There are only a few bands I'd want to see live more than once (ehemThe1975ehem) and this band undoubtedly adds up to that list.

See you soon Walk The Moon. Come back to Manila again!

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