My First Ever Match-Making Event

September 01, 2018

I have done something for the first time today: attend a match-making event. I tend to feel intimidated and scared to attend any event of this nature, but what made me consider going to this one is the fact that I have connections with one of the organizers of the event. It happened that I knew her through a common friend. Because of this, I felt that I would be safe during the event, because I have an idea of the people behind the event. I never told anyone that I'd be going to one (save for two of my closest friends), but here's the after-event post so yeah, might as well let others know.

I knew deep down that it's a win-win situation for me if I go and show up to the event, so even though I thought of changing my mind a hundred times, I still pushed through with attending. I'd say right now that no, I didn't get a match. There were interesting guys there, no doubt about that, but there was noone interesting enough that made me feel curious to know them more. There were some that stood out of course, aside from the lookers actually, like this one guy who is currently a full time student with 2 side jobs. He's working hard now because he plans to retire at the age of 27. 😮 Now that's some goal there (but thinking about that statement now, so how will he support his future family if he doesn't have a job?). He seems to be a rich kid, so I guess that's possible for him. With another one, he said he works in Finance, and since it was the end of month the previous day, he had to work for long extended hours, and confessed that he hasn't slept yet and has been awake for more than 24 hours. I told him good thing he was still able to attend the event, of which he replied that he'd still go no matter what. These are the kinds of events that shouldn't be missed. Work shouldn't interfere with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Then the conversation got more serious with talking about work-life balance and knowing what to prioritize to make experiencing this life worthwhile. That was honestly a very nice sentiment that went straight to my soul coz I'm guilty as f*ck for dedicating my body to my day work. On another hand, I realized that I can get turned off by the simplest things, like not knowing how to correctly spell the word 'robbers' (like dude are you high on something?) I also realized I would never approach someone that I think I would like - I'll just let people who like me come to me.

There was some kind of relationship coaching also during the event, and I learned the 5 languages of love (Affirmation, Touch, Time, Gifts, Service) and the fact that my giving language is Service and my receiving language is Time.

Overall, even though I can say that the event was a blast, I can't help but see some major flaws with how the event went:

1) Based on what I have observed, there was no profile-matching done (contradicting to how the organizers marketed the event, because they even made us submit our answers to a list of personality questions beforehand). Couples were chosen by draw lots. Although all the guys that I was able to talk to were nice (in fairness our conversations were not awkward and there were no tensed pauses), I wasn't able to talk to someone whom I share the same background or interests. I don't know if that was the organizers' intent or what.

2) There were more ladies than men, so it did happen that some of the ladies didn't get to have a partner. I think their work-around was to have some "spare guys" around (I'm not entirely sure though, so don't quote me on this) because they had the guy doing videos and stuff at the venue, and also the host's friend, to join the crowd, when they realized that there were people left out.

3) The organizers allowed the male participants to reject the ladies face-to-face. OMG It was the most nerve-wracking moment, like real torture. I believe also that some of the matches made were one-sided. I hoped they just allowed both parties to choose who they liked discreetly by submitting this info to them, and those who gave mutual remarks would be notified a few days after the event (just like how it went with my friend's), together with the matchee's contact number. So it will be up to them if they want to contact their matched partner again. I saw that there were a lot of first-timers in the crowd there, so I hope they didn't get emotionally traumatized (like I did 😅).

That went to a rant real fast.😂But honestly it was a very interesting experience. It went not as bad as I thought it would. I was even surprised myself that I was not feeling nervous, but at the contrary just  nonchalant throughout the event (except from that one excruciating part). But well, all is good. Thank you Universe for letting me experience this kind of stuff. I felt like I've gained 100 Life points now. 😉

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