A TVXQ! Concert in Manila (Finally!!!)

May 01, 2019

Sometimes dreams can span years before being materialized. You'll just have to always keep the faith.

And yes, it is finally happening. In two month's time, TVXQ! will be holding their first ever concert here in Manila, and we can't be happier that Pulp Live World will be handling this event.

Over a decade of anticipation will finally wrap up into an in sync nostalgic trip and glorious fresh era of gleaming...
Posted by PULP Live World on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Happee Sy is one of the main brains of Pulp Live World. One of the reasons why I am so happy that they are the promoters of this concert is that she is a fangirl herself. She understands how important this event will be for all the fans. Maybe it also helps that she is close friends with Kring Elenzano-Kim, one of the founders of Cassiopeia Philippines, TVXQ!'s official fanclub in the country. With this, she gets further insight of what would make the fans happy for this concert.

"Over a decade of anticipation."
This sentence right there holds true on how long Filipino Cassies have waited to finally see the men (yes Yunho and Changmin already are!) they adore so much. This blog is witness to how emotionally invested I am to this group (a quick search will unveil all of my oldest posts about them 😅).

I got to know this legendary KPOP group during the height of their lawsuit with SM Entertainment, their agency, in 2009. Although their future as a group was very uncertain at that point, it didn't hinder me into wanting to know more about them. Youtube served to be one of the greatest sources of information for me for their past interviews, music videos, and other content. When the three members (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) decided to leave the group, I was in a rollercoaster of emotions. For the years that came, I still tried to support all of them in their activities.

But still, the longing ensued. I have asked this question in 2013 - when will I see TVXQ! in the flesh? It was already a given that I won't be seeing them as a five-member group, but still I wanted to at least see each of them live. Two years ago, that dream came true, as Kim Jaejoong visited the country for a fanmeeting. My happiness was beyond me. It was such an eerie experience seeing his face in real life. It was really fulfilling seeing 1/5 of the group that really gave me happiness especially during the latter years of my college life. I guess it's an understatement that this group saved me. With what I know now about my mental health, I could have suffered breakdowns during those times. It was perfect timing when I got to know their music because it sure served as a healthy distraction from my own destructive train of thoughts, of which helped me get focused on my goals amidst all the stress and pressure of acads.

I'm planning to see the show together with friends whom I share the same passion of loving this group. My happiness will be multiplied to infinity because all of us will share this feeling that finally, we'll be able to see Yunho and Changmin live on stage. 😭 This will also tick off another item from my 2012 Christmas wishlist.

If all goes well, I'll accomplish seeing 3/5 of the original TVXQ! members. Unfortunately, it will be impossible to see Park Yoochun because he has already retired from the entertainment industry (which is very controversial at the moment). Which brings Kim Junsu as the only one left on the list. He's my bias in the group. So, save the best for last, I guess? :D

Aaah I really can't wait anymore! But first things first, I'll have to find a red lightstick to bring to the concert. Wooh~ See you Cassies! Always keep the faith!

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