Solo in Tokyo (Day 2): Calaugh Cat Cafe

April 26, 2019

I started to write the initial draft of this post inside a cat cafe at Asakusa named Calaugh Cat Cafe. This was a very random unplanned visit because I wanted to stay within the area until the evening to do some cherry blossoms night viewing.

Navigating to the cat cafe from Suke6 Diner was a breeze. Coincidentally, there was a couple (in their early 50s I think) which were also on the way to the cafe. I stumbled upon them climbing up the stairs to 2F to the cafe. I gave them a small smile before proceeding inside the cafe.

Cafe Calaugh is at 2F of Asakusaekimae Building

The place was just humbly small, I think around 20 guests would fit comfortably inside the cafe. Two staff greeted us and led us to our tables. I actually felt like I was visiting a home because of how cozy the environment was. The place was peacefully quiet, with the cats freely wandering around.

Based on their catalog, there's a total of 11 cats in the cafe. During my visit, there were six cats there (I think, if I counted correctly). Most of them were taking their afternoon nap 😺. The staff took the time to introduce to me some of them. He carried each cat in his hands and approached me so that I could pet them and give them belly rubs. So cute! He asked where I was from and if I had cats myself. I proudly said I did! He also noticed I was carrying an eco bag with cat design all over. It's not that obvious that I'm into cats, right?

I gave this cute cat some belly rubs. 😻
One of the staff picking up a cat to introduce to the guests.
It is required that each person orders at least a drink, which already covers an hour's stay in the cafe. I ordered a matcha shake with vanilla ice cream on top! Yum!
This drink was matcha-heaven!

Me inside the cat cafe (hellooo!)

I planned to do some writing on my iPad during my stay at the cafe, thus the setup above. However, I couldn't resist the cats! Also they are the main attraction of the cafe so might as well indulge in them!

Based on my observations, these cats are trained not to go up the tables and sniff on food. Also, they're used to people so they don't mind strangers stroking their fur and petting them. However, I noticed they're not really emotionally attached to the people, noo purring from them. So it was like we were all begging for their attention. Haha! Well I guess that's understandable because we are not the owners, although I did notice that they show extra affection when the staff pet them.

I only stayed for less than an hour in the cafe because they'll charge ¥250 per 15 minutes in excess to the initial hour 😅. With a reluctant heart, I said goodbye to them and the cats. The male staff even walked me to the door then said 'Salamat po!' which I happily replied 'Salamat!' too. I apparently left my cap under the table. The female staff had to run after me to hand it to me (I was already a few blocks away from the cafe). Japanese people are just so awesome!

It was already afternoon that time so I thought of continuing my stroll along the Sumida park, but this time on the other side of the river. That's my adventure on the next post!


Cafe Calaugh
Asakusaekimae Bld.2F, 2-19-13, Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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