It's the #Lover Album Release Day!

August 23, 2019

Finally, after months of waiting, Lover is finally out! This is the seventh studio album of singer songwriter Taylor Swift. I am very much emotionally invested in this album (and in this era!). If that's still not that obvious then I'm laying it all out in the open. Before, I was just a casual fan. But things gradually escalated. I found myself always browsing the Taylor Swift subreddit to be updated with her activities. And now I'm bringing this fangirling one level up by participating on the activities online as they happen! Yes, that's the drill from now on!

It's so satisfying to be a Taylor Swift fan (a.k.a. Swiftie) in this day and age. Taylor is just so tech savvy. She's so connected with her fans and always replies and sends reactions to her fans on Tumblr. During this album release, it almost felt like Taylor herself is a fellow fan who is also super hyped with the album release. I don't have any passionate Swifties in real life (save for one) so I'm just lucky that I have access to the Reddit community, because that's where I get my daily doses of fangirling energy. The culture there is just chill -- very articulately opinionated but still civil.

Unlike the reputation era (her previous album), Taylor was all in with the media promotions this time (fans might have forgotten how extra she is with all of this). Even with just the release of the singles, there were several teasers both online and offline (that beautiful butterfly mural in Nashville!). Now that it is the release of the album itself, Taylor has her day booked starting from the eve of release day.

When I was in the process of scheduling my work leaves throughout the year, I thought why not take a leave on Lover album release day? I knew I wouldn't be able to focus on work anyway. 😅

Good Morning Concert, 08/22 - 8:30PM

Taylor Swift performs at Central Park NY aired on Good Morning America

At my timezone, Taylor's GMA performance was still on a Thursday night. I was still out because I played badminton with my colleagues (sweat those fats off! 💪). I was sitting on a coffee shop when I checked Taylor's schedule -- I realized it was roughly 2 hours away before GMA airs in New York. Because of traffic, I knew I won't be able to reach home in time to stream ABC, the network where GMA is being aired. I figured I would just watch the videos that would be uploaded online after. Well true enough, there were great videos posted on the TSwift subreddit (thanks a lot guys!). Using my handy-dandy Chromecast, I set up the HD TV I had in my room and casted videos I found. I was really entertained with the interview with Robin Roberts because it really showed how Taylor is such a PR machine. She deviates so well from the question that you wouldn't realize that she didn't really answer the actual question. 😂

I'm so happy Taylor highlighted again that Lover is the first album that she would truly own, and she's very proud about it. She also mentioned herself that she has plans to rerecord her albums 1-5 (6th album reputation is still not in the picture per the details of her contract)! This is what all of the fans were wishing she'll do after all the issue about Scooter Braun buying off her previous label Big Machine Records, including the master of her first 6 albums. I'm very curious how Taylor would pull this off though, all for her benefit only hopefully. But knowing her, I guess she has a plan in mind. She's very keen to details (those easter eggs!) and she never fails to surprise us, really. She told in the interview that she will start recording on November 2020. Looking forward to that!

I wasn't able to find a full version of the broadcast, but thankfully I found good quality videos on Reddit for the performance of ME! and You Need to Calm Down. As always it's as great as ever. Taylor's back up singers did a superb performance and made the show even brighter. Also I heard she performed Shake It Off as her finale.

This is a nice treat for all the fans who are so hyped with the album release. Honestly, I was slightly disappointed that she didn't debut performing a new song during the show. There were rumors that she was supposed to perform The Archer but dunno what happened.

Lover Youtube Livestream/Q&A, 08/23 - 5:00AM
Finally, it's a Friday. I woke up just in time for the Lover's Lounge on Youtube. Of course I watched it on the HD TV to absorb more the cool aesthetics of the show!

I always liked listening to Taylor Swift talk. I feel like I could listen to her forever. She's always very eloquent in expressing herself (ehem she's a brilliant songwriter right?). Also, I love everything about those diary entries! I know she didn't have a great childhood and it shows on what she wrote on the diaries (she got bullied in school and she didn't have friends). I do agree with her that writing is such a cathartic ritual. Hearing what she had to say about writing a diary makes me want to rebuild my habit of doing it. But I guess since I already have this blog, this already counts as my journal -- an online and public one, that is.

Stella McCartney was also there at the Lover's Lounge. Based on my observation, it looks like they have such a warm relationship with each other. They introduced their fashion line collaboration inspired by the Lover album (I want to have that water bottle that she held during the livestream lol).

There were other content that was shown during the lounge: some behind-the-scene footages of the Lover cover shoots, and she also sang The Archer live! It was so good with Paul Sidoti's acoustic guitar playing and also her back-up singers. ♥️

The 30 minutes of the stream really flew by fast. I'm so happy to see content like this! I hope she continues to participate in these kinds of live online events in the future!

Lover Music Video Release, 08/23 - 5:30AM
So after the Lover's Lounge, I immediately clicked the YouTube link redirecting to the Lover's Music Video. It had already premiered 9 minutes ago, according to the page's timestamp. I think this is not how they intended to do this as the Lover's Lounge had an overtime for a few minutes.

Taylor mentioned that the director of this music video is the same one who did the You Need to Calm Down video. True enough, it's evident that this one came from the same creator because of all the same colorful aesthetics.

Honestly, the video didn't appeal to me. I was all puzzled and lost when it finished. Maybe I didn't really get to connect with all that was happening in the video. Out of habit, I went to Reddit to check out what the other fans thought of the video. To my surprise, EVERYONE loved it. Others even cried on the ending scene. I guess the video deserves a second watch.😅

Lover Album Release, 08/23 - 12:00PM
Well I got the whole Friday free, and I was on standby for the actual album release. At the strike of noon, I refreshed my Spotify app -- and 'lo and behold, the Lover album with all the tracks were now available! I connected my earbuds, took a deep breath and dived headfirst to Taylor's new masterpieces. For a more detailed track-by-track review, I'll save that on another post. 😉

During this time I was messaging my friend, Mai, who was also eyeing the album release. We were telling each other our first impressions of the songs. I think I was able to message her during the first five songs, and then after that I got lost into the world of the new songs. I was able to reply to her after I played the last track.

I'm so happy that everyone was so buzzed with the album release. I think 6/10 of the Twitter trending topics that day was Taylor Swift related, even some specific track titles were going up the trending list.

What a day. For sure I wouldn't have focused at work so I guess it was the right move to take a leave from work today. Thank you Taylor for creating these new songs for the world to enjoy and relate to. This album release is just the start. There would be lots more activities that our girl would be busy with.

I can't wait to follow her again on SNS for all the things that she will be doing for this era. I hope and pray to the Universe that she'll be visiting Manila for a concert.

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