Movie Review: Hello, Love, Goodbye

August 18, 2019

I mentioned on the blog that it has been a tradition for me and my mom to go to movies every Monday or Tuesday because in our city, senior citizens get free pass to the movies during those days (given that it's not a holiday). Usually it's my mom who drags me to the movies to see a title she likes. Now, it was the other way around.

It was an unexpected decision actually. I've been seeing this movie title on my timeline for days, but because of a number of online comments and all the positive rave reactions about it that I have seen, I decided to give it a shot (plus another reason to go out with Mom!).

The movie house was jampacked with people during our screening. This was my first time to see Alden Richards act opposite a leading lady that is not Maine Mendoza. Their pairing is like a breathe of fresh air. Their acting was so good, it was like seeing them as actors for the first time. I really liked Alden's acting (his character reminds me of a colleague actually). The problems that they were facing were real. It's no fairytale, and their relationship faced problems that you would see with real-life couples.


I actually liked how the story ended, because I would like to do the same thing as what  Kathryn's character did. Of course I still don't know what I would actually do given that situation in real life, but if you look at their situation objectively, she did the right thing. If feelings got in the way, well that's another thing to consider. Now I understand why most of the people wanted a sequel at once. Their love story had an open ending and there are still opportunities for the plot to continue. Will I watch the part two movie? I'll have to admit that I would, because I am curious on what will happen with the two lead characters.

Most of the people I saw online said that this movie is such a tear-jerker. Uhm at which part? Well there was that part where the couple was heavily arguing and they both were in tears. For me, meh. Because I can't relate to their emotions, I felt nothing for that part. But come that less-than-30-seconds scene of Alden's youngest brother arriving and meeting with his dad for the first time... that's a whole different scenario. When his dad bursted into tears, I lost it. There was a fountain of teardrops from my eyes in no time. I guess everyone gets moved in different ways, depending on what things they value the most. Give me anything drama that is family (specifically parents) related, I'll break down easily.

Anyway I'm already looking forward for the sequel. I hope it would keep up with the hype of the first one. Well, congrats to the first movie pairing of Alden and Kathryn. It was a success!

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