Q3 2019 Goals Evaluation

October 06, 2019

I think this is one of those quarters where I was so distracted I didn't have time and effort to focus on the blog and on my goals. But I did what I could (best effort!). I even had a week where I didn't have time to even input my evaluation (my mind and body were all over the place lol). But let's see how far I got to where I wanted to be for last quarter.

The Goals: https://katalinarosario.com/2019/07/02/q3-2019-goals-setting-steps/

🏃‍♀️ Career - use the tools [5/12]
I think this one will always be in progress, until I land on the position that I wanted. I would want to retain this one for next quarter's goals list, but I think I would put this one running on the background offline. :)

🏃‍♀️ Financial - recharge [3/12]
I failed on this one 😅. I think this is the quarter wherein I splurged on a lot of things. Most of my major purchases were unplanned. I have established the habit of tracking my expenses though, and I will have to carry over my deficits from the previous month to the months to come. Here's to more packed lunches in the next quarter!

🏆 Personal Development - create music, write articles, finish posts [10/36]
Well, I tried learning the guitar during this quarter, but I just had to accept that it's not for me. I did write articles for a website. I actually have an upcoming task that I need to attend to, so that's one article to watch out for! For my blog posts... hmm I still have not finished my Tokyo posts. 😭 Some photos are already edited and ready to be published, but I just didn't have the time to continue working on them. Aaah but I need to have them finished soon. So I guess it's crunch time next quarter!

But why did I evaluate these goals as finished? Well for the music, I did have a realization and acceptance stage on where I was at with creating music. I do have some creative ideas, but I guess since I learned where my place with the instrument 🎸, I'm satisfied with that milestone. For the article, I knew I was able to use my power to spread happy news via that site, especially for that one unfortunate event that happened on one fandom. Lastly for the posts, I am proud of what I have created for my Tokyo posts so far. I am already half-way through my day-to-day itinerary and I am satisfied because I have already documented the most important event that happened to me during my stay in Tokyo. 😊

🏃‍♀️ Spiritual - attend a meditation class [1/12]
I wasn't able to attend to this class that I was targeting (because of logistics 🙁), but despite of that, I was able to search for alternatives. I currently use my favorite meditation app, Headspace, whenever I feel overwhelming negative emotions and when I struggle falling to sleep. I have started another spiritual journey which happened unexpectedly but of which I knew is a path that I was looking for all my life. I am still new with all of it, and so I am still in the learning process.

🏆 Educational - write at least one post about technical learnings on current projects [1/12]
I have repeatedly told my colleagues that I am so happy and satisfied with my new role in the company because of the fact that I am learning a lot of new things and I am just pushing and challenging myself to give the best output possible. I am with my current company for six years now, and one of the main reasons I stayed this long is the great people I work with. And up to this day it continues to be the reason I enjoy my work. I am continuing to learn a lot of new things and I plan to document them here (also to serve as future reference for myself).

🛑 Relationship - mend, build, reconnect [4/12]
Things didn't return as it was originally, and I guess it was wrong for me to expect that. During this time, I honestly think that I did what I could to build and reconnect. But I realized that I was already dealing with a stranger. I barely know this person now. We have grown very much apart in the past 3 years and we both have already built a world without the presence of each other. I guess I'll have to accept things for what they are, and just maintain the little connection we currently have. That pivotal moment happened wherein I have finally had the chance to tell my sibling the real truth -- the reason everything happened. When I received a single letter reply from her, that's when I realized that okay, I'm done. I don't want to deal with this sh*t anymore. I want to be at peace, even if it meant not being with my only sister. I don't miss anything anymore, and I guess that's a good sign. *goes to playing a Taylor Swift track*

🏆 Physical and Health - exercise twice a week [6/12]
I might have not strictly followed this routine, but I have obtained the output that I wanted -- I have returned to indoor cycling, have checked my knees with a doctor, and have discovered the wonders of the knee strap! I want to return to playing badminton soon, so I will continue to do steps towards my recovery!

And that's it! I am not particularly head-over-heels with my results this quarter so I want to try harder next time! 화이팅!~ 'Til next quarter!

🏆 Finished
🏃‍♀️ Still in Progress
🛑 Aborted

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