Album Review: A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships (The 1975)

October 27, 2019

It's been ages since this album was released, but because of one thing and another, I wasn't able to properly do a track-by-track review for this one. But hey, as a fan, I think I've done my part because I fangirled hard on all the promos that the band launched for this album. I got most of my information from Reddit. It has been a habit of mine to really be in the front seat when it comes to albums dropping on Spotify on release day. For this one, it became available on Spotify at the strike of midnight on 30th of November last year.

I really liked this album because it showed how diverse really this band is musically. You will never be able to predict what kind of material they will produce next. They don't stick to one kind of style and I guess this is because they want to keep their fans surprised and always be at the edge of their seats in terms of new material they would release. This album had more than one genre on this, and I am just proud that The 1975 is very well-rounded in producing their music.

I stopped following their activities when they started the tour, and I'll explain that later on this post, which was highly related to me seeing them live (for the third time!). In the meantime, let's look at each of the tracks on The 1975's third studio album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships.

The 1975

The album starts with the band's trademark track, still the same lyrics but with a different theme that fits to the overall tone of the album. They used some effects (I'm not sure what's it's called, but it's similar to a vocoder) to make Matty's voice sound like a robot. I remember one redditor posting that Matty's voice startled him big time when he first listened to this track. The song starts with a very soft intro and then all of a sudden -- BOOM! Matty's robotized voice loudly comes in.

Give Yourself A Try

I super loved this song. I was at the office when this song was officially released. I remember during my first listen, I was just smiling because I was so glad that The 1975 is still that band I could totally relate to. I am at the same age as Matty and although he is singing about experiences that are totally different from mine, I would say the takeaways are somehow the same. You're getting spiritually enlightened at 29.

This song is also like a wake-up call for me. This song is telling me to give myself a try -- a chance to get involved into things that I really wanted to do but I held back because I was just... afraid. When this song sprang up on my playlist one morning when I was in Tokyo in April, I just got goosebumps and I started to cry. I really connected to this song during that moment because there I was alone at that unfamiliar city, but I was not afraid. I gave myself a chance to experience that unforgettable journey. 😊


This is an upbeat song that's very fun to dance to. Based on the lyrics, it's about a relationship going under the rocks because of their interactions online.

How to Draw / Petrichor

I'm glad that they are still creating instrumental tracks. I love all of their instrumental tracks -- they're perfect for listening before going to sleep, just like a lullaby. There are actually two songs inside this track, and there's that specific moment in this song that you'll hear when the transition happens. After some research, I found out that apparently, this track has some interesting lyrics, although I couldn't really hear them on the track itself 😅.

Love It If We Made It

This is one of their very opinionated songs, and it didn't surprise me that they have something like this on the album because for months, Matty has been very open with his issues with politics. And you see just that with this song. This track also came with a very "expressive" music video. Anyone who listens to this song would be made aware of all the issues in the world both past and present. Amidst all that's happening, the song gives a hopeful message that humanity would get through all of these. Modernity has failed us, but I'd love it if we made it.

Be My Mistake

This is one of my favorites in this album. This is a stripped-down track -- just Matty's vocals and the acoustic guitar. The song shows how emotionally jam-packed Matty's voice could be. I love all the metaphors expressed on this song describing the different women in his life.

Sincerity is Scary

This is one of those songs that I liked the music video more than the song itself. 😍 It was very visual. And it also features Matty doing some happy dance taps, like a musical.

I Like America & America Likes Me

I think this is one of those songs that I'd want to play on a roadtrip at night wherein I'm just lost in thought.

"I'm scared of dying."
It's fine.

The Man Who Married a Robot / Love Theme

This is one eerie track for me. I love the intro -- this has been the music that The 1975 placed in most of their teaser materials for the album release. So it was a bit of a surprise that the actual track had a narrator, and it's not any other kind of narrator -- it's a robot's voice. The voice also told a strange story -- about a man and his "relationship" with the internet. It was a very unique approach in describing where humanity's place is in this modern world. I was curious. I was entertained. But I think hearing this track once was enough. 😅

Inside Your Mind

This song sounded like a psychopath's confession of love.😑

The back of your head is at the front of my mind
Soon I'll crack it open just to see what's inside your mind

Iit could have been a romantic ballad, save for that lyrics.

It's Not Living (If It's Not with You)

I super love this song! If you'll look at the surface, it might feel and sound like a happy song about a romantic interest. But no, just read the lyrics and you'll know exactly what the band is talking about. Matty has been very open with his struggles with drug addiction, and he tells his story through this song.

Surrounded by Heads and Bodies

Honestly, this song is one of the "fillers" for me. Until now, the song did not stick to me. But looking now at the background of this song, it has a very touching story apparently.


This is a slow jazz song, very nice track to slow dance to. And can I just highlight how I find Matty's voice to be so gorgeous on this track? I don't know if Matty is speaking his personal opinion on this song, but it seems like he doesn't believe on the idea of marriage that much? This is something new to me. TIL.

I Couldn't Be More in Love

And when I thought this is again a romantic song, I'm wrong no less than how I looked at the other songs in this album. Each track in this album is an expression of all the complicated thoughts Matty has in mind, and he just usually envelopes them in such happy and romantic melodies. I didn't expect a track like this from them, and again I am left at awe on how wide their creative spectrum really is (and that key change on this song is just so precious). ❤️

I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)

I've already mentioned how I'm so in love with this song. It deserved it's own post.

102 (Bonus track on Japan release)

This is the reason I was actually searching for the band's album in Tower Records in Shibuya. I wasn't able to locate their album (unfortunately). This track is a classic (old-time fans would relate!). Entitled "102", this was initially released in a video but was never included as a single in any of their album, thus far. So it was a wonderful surprise to see it here as a bonus track for the album. They also released a video of a new recording of the song in 2018. 

So I mentioned that I stopped following the band's activities when they started their ABIIOR tour. This is because I wanted to come to their concert with a blank slate on what to expect on their set. When they came here during the I like it when you sleep... era, I was already familiar with their stage by heart. Although I still was able to enjoy that concert, the element of surprise was no longer there. I wanted my experience this time to be different, that's why even though it was difficult, I chose to stay away from all the news and updates that were The 1975 related (well I guess except from some photos published on Instagram).

When finally the day of the concert came (which I would write on a post real soon!), I had zero idea on what songs would be included in the set this time. I'm super excited to share with you the details of that concert!

I love this album! Cheers again to my most favorite band in the world -- The 1975! You never fail to disappoint. 😉

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