Game Review: Little Nightmares (Tarsier Studios)

November 08, 2019

It's been a while since I did a review of a game! Just like last time, I purchased a game online as a reward for myself for an achievement that I have unlocked (wohoo!). After all the hardwork, we need to treat ourselves, right? Well my original intention of playing the game was for me to get some sort of entertainment... but 'lo and behold, I was in for a "stressful" kind of adventure instead (all because I'm such a scaredy-cat 😅).

The game's promotional poster. (📷: Steam)
I have been seeing this game randomly on Steam. What made me choose this from the thousands of online games available there was a recommendation by a colleague. I have mentioned to him how I really enjoyed playing Inside and Limbo, and he said given that, Little Nightmares would surely be my cup of tea. Well, he was right, I did enjoy playing this game, although to be honest, the game was too spooky for my taste. Although I enjoyed the adrenaline rush of escaping the janitor and the twin cooks, I hated all the parts where there were leeches involved. 😤 And that thing that's moving under the water? I was super disgusted with it! But this just proves how great this game is, because I get emotionally moved by it.

What did I expect, from a game that falls under the survival-horror category? The cute aesthetics made me think it's a cute game. LOL.(📷: allkeyshop)

The sound effects of the game were so effective for me. Like I was not stressed enough with the game's premise, the sounds successfully double the stress! 😫

I have always been behind with the latest games (uh I think the last one I religiously played was Pokemon: Yellow Version, and that was more than a decade ago 😂) so I easily get amazed with the graphics and the depth of details that new games have. For this one, I really enjoyed solving all the puzzles and interacting with the characters of the story. There were parts that I needed to consult walkthroughs online though because I got stuck at that part for a while. I recommend you to do this as a last resort because it really takes away the thrill of the game.

The identity of Six, the game's protagonist, is all shrouded in mystery. There are lots of things about her world and of the Maw (the name of the ship where she's in) that I am very curious about and I hate to admit it but I enjoyed divulging myself in all of the videos in Youtube that discussed such interesting fan theories.

And that ending, it really left my whole body in shivers. I was just staring incredulously at my PC's screen while the ending scenes rolled in. Aside from the over-all gameplay, that ending made this game even more memorable for me.

P.S. Yes, I did play the other DLCs (downloadable contents) of the game. The setup is darker and creepier and as expected, I was too scared to play the rest of that game. I'm embarrassed to admit but I wasn't able to finish it... I just watched someone play the game on Youtube. 😓🤣

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