joan live at Glorietta

November 09, 2019

I think I just experienced a precious moment with this band.

Joan (stylized as joan) is an indie pop duo (composed of Alan Thomas and Steven Rutherford) from Arkansas. Their music style is similar to LANY and The 1975 (now I know why I like them LOL 😂) but they are continuing to make a name for themselves, especially here in the Philippines. The band was previously part of the Wanderland Music Fest this year and they are starting to build a fanbase here because this time, all thanks to Karpos Multimedia, they are holding 7 shows around Metro Manila. I wasn't able to catch them during Wanderland, but fortunately, I finally saw them during their first show at Glorietta, Makati.

They shared the stage with another featured band named Honne. I didn't know anything about that band though. Also, I had no idea which one of them would come up on stage at first. To my surprise, it was joan who opened the show. So I guess Honne is the more popular one, eh? I found this an advantage for me. At least I won't need to wait that long to see them. 😅

And this is the moment I treasured the most -- seeing the band I like before they're famous. When they performed, not much people were screaming, and not many cameras were up and recording them. People were just listening to their music. They're curious so they were silent. I was one of those proud fans who sang along to their music. I love all of their songs so I couldn't help but just sing and dance to them even if I was the only one in the crowd doing so.

With every song they performed, more people clapped, more people cheered. And I was just so proud of them during that moment. 

When Alan played the opening chords of i loved you first, I melted on the spot. I super love that song, and now I'm seeing it played live before my eyes.
This duo creates the loveliest tunes.
I feel that they will make it big sooner or later. I'm just so happy that I got to see them this close (thank you to the Universe because I was at the right place to be able to be as close to the stage as possible). Currently they have 10 songs, and I love all of them! Check out their tracks below!

Ahh, I remember my journey as a fan of The 1975. I first saw them live when they still just had one album out. Now they have 3 and already very famous around the globe. I just want to cherish this moment with joan when they are still my little secret.

I want to have more intimate shows with them in the future. Come back to Manila again, please. ❤️

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