The 1975 + No Rome in Manila

November 05, 2019

I somehow couldn't forgive myself that I am just writing about this amazing concert months after it happened. During my first and second time seeing them, I could still remember that I still had that adrenaline rush while writing about my precious memories of experiencing their music.

Yes, this is the third time I've seen them live. And that's a milestone for me. The 1975 is the only band (so far) that I have seen thrice. And I think I will be seeing them more in the future (hopefully!)

The 1975 is the first band that I saw alone in concert. Now that I was seeing them for the third time, uhm nothing has changed -- I was still alone. 😅 Well unfortunately I didn't have a friend who likes them enough to get a front row VIP seated ticket. This is the third time, but the thrill before the concert never changed. I was still as excited as the first time... even more so now I think, because I am already deeply tied emotionally to them. Their songs have been the anthem of my happy moments in life, and every emotion rushes back to me when I listen to their tracks. And that sensation even quadruples during the live concert. 😍

I was almost at the same distance as I was during the In The Mix concert. After seeing them live during that time, I vowed to myself that I would be getting the mosh pit ticket next time they have a show here. But I don't know what happened -- I guess I was still not ready for the real The 1975 concert experience, huh? This decision made me feel some regret during this show. I chose the VIP seated ticket because I wanted to be able to rest during down times in the concert. But it was worthless, because I was up on my feet all the time anyway. And I was jumping a lot at my seat. I should have just bought that damn mosh pit ticket (next time, I'm telling myself again now... next time...)!

This concert was really a treat for me because the front act, No Rome, is also an artist that I adore. I was all Filipino-pride mode because he is from my own country. He was originally based here in Manila, but Matty Healy himself made him to fly to UK to work with him because he liked his craft so much. No Rome has already worked on several projects with The 1975. He helped a lot in the creative process of the band's third album and even featured them in one of his own songs.

No Rome rocking it out on stage.

When The 1975 got up on stage that night, it felt like I was welcoming dear old friends into my open arms again. As soon as the stage lit up, I knew that it was the correct decision to not watch any of clips of this tour online. I was at surprised and at awe at how similar and different the stage was at the same time for this tour.

Oh yes, I missed that rectangle neon sign... for dear life. ❤️
Every penny I spent for this concert was so worth it. Their concert will be one of those few wherein I was just waiting which favorite song they would be singing live next. I enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. TUNE. THEY. PERFORMED. ON. THAT. STAGE. Yes, even People.

That was actually their opening track.
With every song they performed, I was pulled into the memory and emotions that I have implanted in it. There were songs wherein I sang with my eyes closed, while mostly others I was dancing like crazy. No one knew me there anyway, so I was able to embrace that freedom of just being truly one with their music.

Seeing my favorite people on stage just fills my heart with so much joy!
All I can say is -- I was able to enjoy this concert fully. The Universe made sure of that.

It was always a different high seeing this band live. I don't know what's in them, but I think it's safe to say that I will still be following their activities for some time.

I think I'm ready to see them from the mosh pit. 🤘

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