Q4 2019 Goals Evaluation

January 25, 2020

Again, this is another quarter wherein I got distracted 😅. Honestly, I wasn't able to keep track of my progress for my goals lately (which is a bad thing, I know) but I'm slowly turning my direction to the correct path again. I know it's still a slow process, but there's progress nonetheless. I've also been back to keeping a bullet journal so as to keep a physical documentation of all the tracking and notes that I have in life.

🏃‍♀️ Career - schedule the training [3/10]
I am still currently in progress. It's essential I finish it as soon as possible, so I guess I'll have to spend every weekend from hereon to accomplish this.

🏆 Financial - go for positive figures [4/10]
I have switched to a better budgeting system, and I can feel that I am more conscious of my spending habits than ever because I can now effectively see the effect of them in the bigger picture. So I am continuing this scheme for now.

🏃‍♀️ Personal Development - attend a toastmasters class [3/10]
I have actually attended one toastmasters session. Although I have not participated myself, I have seen how sessions are done, especially on doing a tabletop topics contest. I am continuing the journey this year because I know harnessing my communication skills will greatly help me personally and professionally.

🏆 Spiritual - prep for milestone [4/10]
Yes, I did it! I welcomed that milestone with the kind of closure that I wanted to do. Thanks to great timing, I had some alone time as I underwent the transition. That's one moment that I will treasure forever in my life.

🛑 Educational - finish the book [3/10]
Unfortunately, I found my current method of reading that book not that effective for me in retaining all that useful information presented to me. I really need to set focused sessions for this so I could process the ideas more effectively.

🏃‍♀️ Relationship - end shifts early [2/10]
Having this habit is still a struggle for me, because I always tend to do overtime. But I am doing steps to make this process sink into my system because it's obvious what benefits this would entail for me and the people I care about.

🏃‍♀️ Physical and Health - knees [3/10]
Because of the chronic condition of my knees, I know I have to be more mindful of my physical activities. Although I admit I didn't focus that much this quarter on this, I'm proud to say I'm slowly establishing a routine to change this. 😀

🏆 Finished
🏃‍♀️ Still in Progress
🛑 Aborted

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