My Netflix Watch List (July - October 2020)

October 24, 2020

Staying at home gave me opportunities to entertain myself in the most creative way possible. And when all else fails, I defaulted to the simplest way of home entertainment -- watching TV. I think this time of the pandemic, the number of hours spent by people on Netflix has spiked up a lot. Well, this is our way of escaping reality, even for just a few hours.

Throughout the weeks I have watched several titles on Netflix that I thought I would write my reactions and thoughts about, but since the list have already piled up, I'm just condensing all them in this one post. 😀


It's been a while since I last saw a psychological thriller, and I did miss the thrill of watching one. The first part of the movie was really disturbing. After Frances, the main character, saw the bags, I felt chills and I wanted her to just get out of that house and never meet that woman again. The stalking part was so disturbing, I super hated it. The latter part was a bit disappointing. I was waiting for that moment wherein Greta would really snap, but it didn't happen. I liked the twist about that "noisy neighbor" though.

My Rating: 3/5

Little Women

This has been included in My List for so long and I can't believe I only watched it recently. The film was so good. I cried so hard for most of the duration of the movie, and even up to the next day after watching it. Maybe this is because I connected with the characters so much. First and foremost, I missed having a sibling who I could rely on and who really matches my set of values in life. I never had that kind of connection in real life (and I don't blame any of my siblings, because that's just how reality is). Also, the movie was really an eye-opener on how things were for women back then. Imagine having a life goal of marrying a rich man? Good for Jo for standing up for what she really wanted. Also, that "Life's too short to hate one's sister", thanks Universe for the reminder. Although at this point I think hate is a strong term to describe the situation. I've come to set boundaries and I enjoy how things are today. Let's just all be civil and things will be okay.

There were specific moments in the movie that really pushed the waterworks for me, and that's the beauty of watching these stories -- you'll never know what kind of connections you can draw from it. There were conversations that really hit me hard, making it a cathartic release for me.

My Rating: 5/5

Hello World

I have been searching for a copy of this movie since last year when I learned of its release, that's why I was just so happy when I learned that it was going to be released on Netflix. And I think the wait was all so worth it. My takeaway from this movie is that there are certain painful things in life that are meant to happen. You might not see the lessons right away, but in retrospective, you will realize why things happened that way. The older Naomi did not prevent the fire that burned the books, because he knew this event was necessary for him and Ruri to grow closer. Looking at my own timeline, I could see my version of that book burning event that was necessary to be included in my story to make me who I am today. At the end of the day, it's the learnings that we take out of it that matters.

I loved that looping simulation concept. In the end, we are not 100% if that last scene was really the real world at last, or if it was still a dream or if they were still in the Alltale simulation machine. I liked that the movie was open-ended.

My Rating: 4/5

Enola Homes

I didn't really had plans to watch this one, but since a friend recommended it, I got curious about it. And well, he was right -- it was a good movie! I didn't watch Stranger Things but I know the girl here was the same kid from that series. The actress, Millie Bobby Brown, is just 16 in this movie, but she looked more mature than her age. The casting was interesting. Sherlock Holmes was played by Henry Cavill who I know from Superman, and Mycroft Holmes was played by Sam Claflin who I did not recognize at all in this film! 😲

Millie is a talented actress, and for sure she'll accomplish more in her career. It was very entertaining to watch her here. I liked the "breaking the fourth wall" aspect of the film. It was really entertaining. It was also a joy to watch familiar actors here from the Harry Potter franchise (hello Bellatrix and Aunt Petunia!). I do hope Netflix continues this franchise because the film proved to have a lot of potential.

My Rating: 5/5

Winter's Tale

I saw this title on the Coming Soon list on Netflix, and I got curious with the synopsis. It was a fairy tale kind of story (with a twist). Through this film, I got interested with learning some pieces by Brahms on the piano.

My Rating: 3/5

Friday and Saturday nights are becoming my "Netflix movie nights". 😁 There are still a lot of titles on my list, so for sure I'll be having another watch list post next time! 

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