You Well-Being Festival: Investing in You

October 14, 2020

 This happened around two months ago already, but I am still at awe on how this event came to me, how it felt like it was all meant to happen. I'm not really sure if it was the "Law of Attraction" that worked its way to me, but well I guess that is the only explanation with how everything happened. I don't believe in coincidences, and I honestly believe this was not one.

The You Well-Being Festival was a four-day online event held from August 28 to 31, wherein more than 60 speakers specializing in different categories talked and shared their ideas and wisdom, all in the goal of developing a better You! There were speakers that talked about inner beauty, meditation, fitness, diet, even including hands-on exercise routines and yoga sessions, cooking demos, and workshops. They even had a session about Tarot Reading! That summit was like a one-stop shop of all the things you needed to know in jumpstarting your wellness journey and creating a new and better you.

As far as I could remember, I was hearing about this event during the Monday meditation sessions at Third Eye Wellness, and also was seeing the announcements on Instagram. I was subtly curious because I know that I am still at the beginning of my wellness journey and was thirsty for more information about this new way of lifestyle. I would randomly see the promo posts, and then forget about it. When the organizers had finally announced more details about the speakers and the topics, I got more curious so I researched more about the people and what their session was about. 

Attendance to the event came with a fee, and so I had to think about it for weeks to really assess if I wanted this or not (a process I have developed to avoid compulsive decisions and expensesπŸ˜…). If after that period of time I would still feel a pull towards the event, then I would go for it. After my allotted assessment period, I told myself I should just skip this because I had to prioritize where I spend my money on especially during these challenging times. I told myself I can just take note of the topics that interested me, and then just google them to learn more about it. But well, the Universe had other plans.

A day before the event, The Eve's Drop podcast IG account announced that they were giving away free tickets! Well I told myself, the only reason that I was shying away from this event was the fee, and so this is my opportunity to take that factor out of the way and just go for it! I keyed in my entry and waited. At the end of the day, I received a DM from them asking for my details. And voila, I received an all-access pass to the event! 😲 That's when I realized that the Universe really wanted this for me. I had no excuses now.

I knew having access to these events was a gift from the Universe, and I felt that it was my duty to use this well. The online summit happened during a long weekend holiday and since I really didn't have plans aside from staying at home, I thought of utilizing most of my time for this summit. I looked at the program and chose which sessions interested me the most. Well, I ended up attending at least five sessions each day!

I wanted to share here some of the sessions that really resonated with me, and my takeaways from each of them.

Audio Frequency Entrainment: Mood Session
Donatas Certovskitch | CEO, Brain Uploads
During the session, Donatas introduced the concept of Brain Uploads and how listening to certain types of music would help improve the operations of our brain. He also made us listen to a very relaxing track. Well it's already a given fact for me that music affects my mood, and so this is just another aspect on how to approach this idea. I did enjoy it, and I left that session feeling calmer and more relaxed than before.

Deep Meditation To Connect With Your Higher Self
Nick Daez | Kundalini Yogi, Meditation and Sound healer
It was my first time to experience guided meditation with "a male voice" and I think it's an interesting change. The background music and the overall mood of that session was so relaxing, and in that 30 minutes, it really showed that Nick is an expert on this field. 

Beauty is not a formula; Diversity through beauty Panel
Dalal Ahmed, Sandra Lemonon, Valerie Lim, Tomi Odunsi, Mohana Prabha, Resham Ramirez Saeed & Krystal Xamairy
Each speaker in this panel was such a beauty to look at because they are either beauty queens or models, or are involved in a profession of what media portrays as "beautiful". But the talk did not circle around that but instead on the opposite. They challenged the concept of how society defines beauty. They talked about the importance of inner beauty, and the journey that themselves took on in reaching a level of self-acceptance.

Pain Free Movement
J Baca | Founder, FitLogic
J reminded us of the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and taught us some simple exercises we could do after a long day of just sitting in front of the computer (heh which practically describes my everyday life πŸ˜…)

Project Loving Myself: How to Get Started on the Journey of Wellbeing
Sanaiyah Gurnamal | Founder & CEO, The Third Eye Wellness Inc
Sanaiyah has been my "virtual mentor" in this wellness journey that I am taking since the start of the pandemic, and I am proud to realize that I already learned most of the items that she mentioned in the talk. She actually started a podcast wherein she talks with different well-being influencers and the learnings they have earned during their own journeys.

Breaking out of your comfort zone
Ellen Adarna & Samantha Kapunan
Ellen and Samantha talked about their experience of undergoing a 14-day mental health training in Bali, Indonesia. They described the activities they were made to do (most of which were exhausting physical tasks that would really challenge the mind and would make you chant "mind over matter" over and over again). I was amazed on how powerful these two women were in facing and conquering their fears. It was indeed a very interesting testimonial from both of them.

Branding Your Soul Purpose
Noelle Aquila | Founder LiFE & Soul
I joined a Facebook group that Noelle created and so I was somehow familiar with her area of expertise. She does yoga (although I haven't joined her online sessions πŸ˜…) and also shares some of her favorite herbal recipes online (I learned the tumeric milk from her!).  However, this is the first time I've heard her talk about this topic. It was interesting, however her presentation got cut short because of time constraints. I hope I could hear her talk about this topic again soon.

Spirit Songs & Soul Rhythms
Lee Grane | Co-Founder, Roots of Wisdom
Omg this my top session for the entire summit. It was only 15 minutes (originally a 30-minute session, but got shorter due to technical difficulties during the start) but Lee was able to move my soul beyond a place unimaginable. Her singing was glorious, that's already a given, but there's something more that I felt in that session, like a powerful energy from her that she got to share through her music. I was moved to tears and was already ugly crying after two songs. I really really loved that session. Thank you again Lee for that experience.

Gentle awakening: Journaling with gentle morning flow
Christina Sang | Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, AG Yoga Instructor and CEO of The Wellnest Group, Independent Consultant and The Wellnest Group
This was the first class that morning and Christina requested us to turn on our cameras so she could somehow feel the energy of the people attending the session. I was in my sleeping clothes and was barely awake, but I saw my fellow attendees sporting the same outfits and aura, and so I realized that this was a safe space altogether. Christina led us through various yoga positions that really stretched my body, and it was so refreshing to start that day with this exercise.

Healing through Food
Dr Susana Balingit | Medical Director, The Farm at San Benito
The Farm is an esteemed resort that provides high quality services to its guests, and so it was a treat to see a glimpse of how they prepare some of their signature healthy recipes. Most of the dishes that they showed us were plant-based (perfect for vegetarians). They also shared a simple recipe for a immune-booster tea, which can help in strengthening our body to be able to fight viruses.

How A Vision Board Can Help You During This Pandemic
Trixie Esguerra | Founder & CEO, PositiviTrix Training, Events & Consultancy
I have been wanting to attend one of her sessions before, and I was so giddy because here I was! I have heard of vision boards, but I really didn't get to the habit of building one. I'm more inclined with writing down goals and taking steps to achieve them (thus this blog 😘) but it was interesting to explore this technique of visualizing the dream. I guess this is another tool to make the Law of Attraction work for you. Since I don't really have magazines at home, I just drew my vision board, and so far I update it with new items that I thought I wanted to have in my life. One attendee shared her experience with vision boards and she got emotional sharing her first-hand experience on how vision boards made her dreams come true. I got inspired by her energy, and so let's see where the Universe would take me with with these visions. 😁

Mystic Tune Up: The Tarot Online Workshop
Neetu Nilishi | Spiritual Coach, Psychic Tarot card reader and Reiki Instructor
This was a jampacked session as Neetu tried to discuss the basics of Tarot reading in just an hour. It was very interesting to listen to her, and although I don't really use Tarot cards, the techniques she shared during the session was still applicable with my own style of card reading. 

Understanding and Leveraging Stress to Build Your Resiliency Through Essential Oils
Speaker: Vicky Chang | Doterra Wellness Advocate
Apparently essential oils have been part of my lifestyle for sometime now (I have lavender, peppermint, chamomile and rosemary essential oils in my room) and I didn't realize there were more uses to this than just being a pain-soothing ointment or a relaxing aroma for the room. I learned that you could actually customize the essential oils based on the concerns that you want to address. I really tried to open my mind with this, but I was fresh from the [Un]well Netflix documentary so I approached all the information from this session with a grain of salt.

Passion and Patience: Learning to let go
Karen Pamintuan | Brand Manager, Pili Ani
Karen Pamintuan is a familiar name, but I still couldn't figure out from where I've known her (maybe from beauty magazines?). She gave a very interesting talk about her own life journey and the learnings that she earned from her experience. It was so brave of her to quit horseback riding during the peak of her career there. She basically told us that being a quitter doesn't make you a loser. In the end of the day, you are the owner of your life and you have the sole decision to tell yourself which way you wanted to go. Karen is such a brave woman with a brilliant story and I was thankful that I got to attend her session.

Quick exercise & meal planning tips
Nate Crnkovich | ER/Trauma RN
Nate touched topics that I have heard so many times before but still fail to adapt into my life -- proper diet and exercise. Especially now that I am staying at home most of the time, I should really start focusing on my health and incorporating exercise into my daily routine. 😭 Thank you Nate for the reminder.

Projecting Confidence
Anne Gauthier Das Neves & Warren Tesoro
Oh I loved this one too. For the longest time I have been working with my communication skills, especially when doing presentations at work. Anne and Warren gave great tips on how to improve your presence so you can become a better communicator with others. I have been applying these techniques now by the way, and even though I'm still not used to it, I am striving to make those techniques part of my system.

EFT for Self-Healing
Maisha Chulani | Co-owner, The Third Eye Wellness
I have always heard about this concept from Maisha, and in this session it was my first time to learn this technique in details. I recognized that I have actually seen this technique, from the Heal documentary on Netflix

Listing down all the sessions that I have attended here, I realized I have completed 17 sessions from that summit! Wow. πŸ˜€ I feel proud of myself. It was so fun attending these sessions. I also got to realize that the main advantage of attending the live sessions was the opportunity to reach out to the instructors to ask our questions about the topic. On each session, I was this bibo student who always asked questions. I forced myself to formulate at least one question for each session because I observed that asking questions actually stimulates the learning process for me and makes me retain and appreciate the new material more. This has become my mindset for every webinar/online training that I have attended afterwards.

During the closing ceremonies of the summit, we had an energy sharing session and I listened to other attendees' testimonials on how this event touched their hearts. It was a joy listening to them. I'm happy to have met each and every one of them virtually.

The bonus cherry on top of all of these? I received a special shoutout from Gelli Victor of the Eve's Drop podcast! πŸ’“ It came as a surprise when I was listening to one podcast episode, and I got so kilig! Gelli was also doing shoutouts for the #EvesGang during the summit sessions, and I got to personally thank her for choosing me for as a recipient of the all-access pass amongst the podcast listeners. I'm just so grateful with all the positive energy this summit has given to me. Thank you Universe, thank you.

As of this writing, the summit has already been archived from the site but the organizers have promised that they would do another one in the near future. I would surely be on the lookout for that.

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