Q3 2020 Goals Evaluation

October 17, 2020

Just look at where were are right now... it's already October! 😱 Never in my wildest dreams (and for sure in everyone else's too) have I thought that I could live just staying at home for seven months. It still feels surreal like I have been living in a recurring dream for so long. But oh well, life still needs to go on. And part of that life, for five years now, is my quarterly goals. For this post, I am going to assess how much progress I have made with the goals I have set in July.

🏆 Career - watch those pending brownbag sessions in my queue
I'm proud to say that I learned a lot in this quarter: On top of the milestones I have achieved, (as stated on the goals setting and steps page) I was also able to participate in the first ever Machine Learning hackathon in our company (we didn't get picked as finalists, but oh boy did I learn a lot about Python libraries and Natural Language Processing). And the learning continues beyond the hackathon. As of this date, I have attended several live trainings on O'Reilly (and scheduled several more 'til the end of the year). The topics of the sessions I enlisted on scope both soft and technical skills. I thought of maximizing attending the trainings because I realized I would only be able to do this while working from home. Most of the time the schedule of the trainings is during the wee hours of the morning (because of timezone differences with the instructor). If I were working in the office, I would never be able to squeeze in these trainings on my schedule. Since the current setup provides a more flexible schedule for me, I thought of enlisting in every topic I found interesting on the site while the opportunity is still there.

🏆 Financial - invest invest invest
I'm proud to say that I am done now with my recurring tasks for the year. I originally planned on expanding on newer things, but I held back again because I just couldn't weigh in the pros with the cons of that decision. As an alternative for that, I am looking at another option to further diversify my portfolio, and so that would be my target for the next quarter.

🛑 Personal Development - start an herbal garden at home
I did plant those tumeric shoots in those two pots in front of our house, and I am glad to see that both have grown well! I am just not sure when is the right time to harvest them, and so I would continue observing. In terms of planting another set, I think I am stopping with this gardening venture after this because my parents have also already started planting crops, and so I wanted to give way to them. Also, another excuse I have (😂) is that I don't have an idea of what to plant next. Well, at least I tried and now I realize that I don't really have that level of passion for gardening.

🏆 Spiritual - finish level 3 of foundations in the Headspace app
I did finish the meditation packs that I was targeting on the Headspace app. However, my mindfulness journey does not end there. I would like meditation to be part of my lifestyle. One of the decisions that I had to make this quarter was to not renew my subscription plan on the Headspace app. I was aware that my annual subscription would end on July, and so when the date finally came, I decided to not continue to further lessen my recurring expenses. I searched for other app alternatives that are free. That's how I discovered the My Life Meditation app There's a lot of free features available and so I decided to stick with this one for the time being.

🏃‍♀️Educational - finish a music theory course in Coursera / Linked Learning
Honestly, I forgot that I included this as one of my goals in this quarter. I am still in progress with the course and I'm targeting to finish this next quarter.

🛑 Relationship - continue to reach out
I'm sorry Universe, I failed on this one. I guess I have to stop tracking this as a goal and just see how things would progress organically. Of course, my doors would always be open. I actually already have a theme song for this specific ordeal.

🏃‍♀️ Physical and Health - yoga and abs exercise - at most 5 red marks only in the habit tracker!
For this round of attempt, I still wasn't able to sustain the everyday abs exercise. On the other hand, I've been building this habit of doing simple stretches in the morning as soon as wake up. I always remind myself that doing this would benefit me in the long run, especially in keeping my knees on its best shape. Also, I bought a new set of yoga mat, strap, and blocks to encourage me to practice more (this is still a habit that I need to work on). It was perfect timing that I discovered the Rebel app, which contains easy-to-follow yoga routines. The best part is that all of the exercises are free, so really I don't have any excuse now to not exercise! I'm also hopping onto the indoor bike now, because I know that I need to make extra efforts to move more now, because we are all just inside our homes (and sitting all day long doing work).

All in all, I still believe it was a productive quarter. 😀 

🏆 Finished
🏃‍♀️ Still in Progress
🛑 Aborted

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