KDrama Review: Forecasting Love & Weather (Episodes 5-6)

March 05, 2022

Now we are seeing some signs of "bad weather". Will there be an incoming storm for your two main leads?
Secrets and differences are starting to be more evident between our two main characters, and they can't help but be suspicious of each other. I think it's natural because they are slowly getting to know each other. Fortunately, they were transparent enough with each other to tell the truth. Turns out they do have things in common, and the revelations helped solidify their relationships even more. Ha Kyung really knows what she wants, and she proves that by asking Si Woo that bold question. 

I love how Ha Kyung's outfits are color-coordinated. Her outfits really exude powerful lady-boss energy. ✨Plus, I found it surprising that she wore a piercing on her upper earlobe, which in some office situations are frowned upon. 

We also get to see her in more casual clothes. I really like it when they show characters who are jogging every morning because I feel like it normalizes the routine of exercising (which should be actually).

But just look at Park Min Young -- she looks fresh even after running. 😆As always, her office attires are very classy, though it's nice to see different sides of her outfit styles in this episode.

There aren't any new OSTs released for the drama as of the release of the 6th episode. Hope they release more soon!

I initially thought the drama would drag the family problems for more episodes, but I guess because of the changes that will happen in their relationship setup, the storyline might flow in a new direction. Excited to find that out in the next episodes!

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