HOW-TO: Unzipping GZ Files in Linux

April 15, 2022

In my work as a software  developer, I tend to use Linux virtual machines in running my applications. I am not that familiar with most commands in that operation system so I usually find myself googling stuff if I need to execute commands on the terminal. I feel like a sweepstakes winner when I stumble on the exact information I am looking for. 

One of those handy commands that I learned is unzipping .gz files in Linux. I needed this information when I had to run Postman from the virtual machine. To make this information handy to me, I'm noting these commands here, which need to be ran on the terminal:

gunzip <filename.tar.gz>
tar -xf <filename.tar>


For Postman, the result of these commands is having the executable file available (Postman.exe) so all you have to do is click that file to launch Postman.

Hope this post helps you out too. Happy coding! 🤓

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