Jin Mart: Cheap Korean Grocery

April 15, 2022


As a K-culture lover, part of my indulgence process is eating Korean foods of course. It's a good thing that they are readily available because there are not just Korean restaurants in the metro, but also Korean groceries! One of my latest discoveries is Jin Mart, located in BF Aguirre.

Going inside the grocery feels like I have been transported instantly to Korea because all of the items are from Korea!

There are items that are for sale, even cheaper than anywhere else, i.e. Shopee dealers.

Not-so-common items are also here, so it's really satisfying to visit this grocery store if you have some Korean food cravings.

Here's some of the items I bought, together with their prices:

I can attest that some of the items are way cheaper than that from the local grocery, because I got to compare it when we went to Puregold after. 

Just one note: Jin Mart only accepts cash so have your bills ready when buying there. I saw the Korean owner (I assumed he was the owner lol) supervising the counter and also giving directions to the staff around the store.

When we were about to leave, a bunch of Korean girls and boys came in and went straight to the freezer section. So it seems like the Koreans in the community also buy here.

This was such a nice discovery! I will surely come back to satisfy my K-cravings!


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