Taipei 2017: Day 6 ~ A Food Festival, Parks, & a Museum

August 26, 2022

My solo traveling spree continued around Taipei. After returning my bike to the rental stand, I went and just walked around without really a specific destination in mind. Of course, I had my handy-dandy Google Maps to check what interesting stuff might be nearby. It was really a spontaneous day.

At Maji Square

My exploration led me to this event place wherein I think they're having some kind of food festival (there were lots of food booths and people walking to and fro). Of course, I had to indulge with curiosity on what this event was about.

Upon googling, I have identified the palace as MAJI Square

It was so entertaining to look around, because there was much to see. I bought a drink from this To-Fu store. Good thing they had English translation, else I wouldn't know what they were selling. 😅

The interior was so cute and artsy. I stayed for a while inside as I waited for my order.

After leaving the To-Fu store, I continued walking around the square for some sight-seeing. It seemed like there was indeed an event because there was a stage and I could hear someone speaking on the mic (I assumed he was the host, but since he's talking in Chinese, I didn't really understand what the event was about). I just continued looking and did some people-watching. Based on my journal, I apparently also went to a bookstore and there was some kind of book-signing event there. But I cannot remember that anymore 😆. However, since I wrote that in the journal, I believe that it indeed happened. 😁

Long Walk Along Parks

It was nearing afternoon and so I continued my lone journey around. I found myself walking through parks with trees. It felt so peaceful. Because it was cold, I didn't feel that tired and I didn't sweat a lot. It was the perfect weather to wander around.

I passed along these interesting architectures. There were not many people around during that time, so I really enjoyed this solitary walk. I just followed this path and later on just checked on the map on where I was already in the city.

I even saw this elderly couple during my walk. So sweet. 🥰

Exploring the Museum

Since we are all about spontaneity for this day, I unprecedentedly found myself inside a museum next! I got the chance to visit the Lin An Tai Historical House & Museum.

It was free of charge, so I just walked in and enjoyed the scenery inside. There were several people in there, with lots of children in traditional costumes. I thoroughly relished my anonymity in this place and just took my time looking around, taking photos, and really absorbing the landscape before me.

It's been 5 years since that I am writing about this experience, and I found it delightful to look back and reminisce about these travel memories that I created in Taipei. I may not remember everything that happened during this day, but the feelings of peace and calm still stuck with me. I can't wait to be back again. 🙂

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