HOW-TO: Returning a Defective Item on Lazada

August 26, 2022

Online shopping has become an essential part of everyday life, especially since the pandemic. I believe it  would not wane anytime soon because of such convenience it gives to buyers in finding the right item for their needs, and having them delivered at their doorstep.

In the years that I have indulged with my shopping impulses on Shopee and Lazada, I didn't have much problems with the items I bought. This was very satisfying. I have even gone with buying more expensive items like a laptop and a Kindle. I have to say that I'm a happy customer here, because I received those items in the best condition.

But what happens if a bad apple got delivered your way 🍎? It happened to me recently. I was able to process it fine. I learned a number of things from that transaction, which I think would be useful for other consumers in case it happens to them also.

To give context, I ordered bluetooth earphones on Lazada. Upon receipt, I found that it does not turn on.

Here are some tips that I can give you to make your purchases hassle-free:

1. Order from sellers in LazMall. Although all purchases done on Lazada are covered by the Lazada Money Back Guarantee, I feel more confident transacting with LazMall sellers because their return policy is easier compared with other sellers on the platform. Look for sellers that are verified so that you are also assured that your item is legit and genuine.

2. Film an unboxing video. It's not just for TikTok reels. Some sellers indicate in the parcel that an unboxing documentation will be needed if a customer demands a refund/return of the item. This serves as proof that the item was indeed defective and not the customer's fault.

3. Do not tag the order as Received right away. If you tag your order as received and then later on you find out that it has issues, you won't be covered by Lazada's Money Back Guarantee policy. My advice is to inspect and test the item as much as possible during the first 7 days to assure that it is working properly.

4. Keep the parcel intact, especially the label. Although in my experience they didn't check this anymore, you may choose to still do this in case they look for it.

What to do if an item ordered from Lazada is defective?

You've confirmed the worst-case scenario. Your item is not working. What now?

Breathe in slowly, breathe out slowly. Once you've relaxed a bit, it's time to work. ⚒️

1. Click the Return Request on your Order and fill out the form with the requested details (i.e. reason for returning, unboxing video for proof)

2. Wait for seller's feedback. In my experience, they asked for more information about the condition of the item (does it blink red when you charge it?). 

After a few days of back-and-forth messages, the seller approved my request. We agreed that they will get the defective item and replace it with a new one. They sent their courier to our address. I surrendered the faulty item and I received the new one at the same time. Fortunately, my item is now working properly and I'm satisfied with it.

My experience might not be the same as yours. It really is a case-to-case basis if the seller would approve of your request. But for me, I would say that documentation is key! 🔑

Happy shopping! 🛒

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