Iloilo Trip 2020: Day 5 ~ Morning Walk Along Benigno Aquino Ave

March 12, 2023

Because of the majestic experience I had during my morning walk along the beach, I decided to do more morning walks for this day. Upon arrival, I already looked around the vicinity (with the help of the ever reliable Google Maps) and so I already had assessed the area if it is pedestrian-friendly. I was very pleased when I saw that wide lane in the middle of the highway which we were able to walk on last night. This was why I was so driven to have my morning walk that day.

And yup, I was not disappointed. 

This was one of my favorite walks during this trip (well I think I only did two 😅). I'm so amazed by how pedestrian-friendly the path was. If I was on a bike, I might have been able to explore the area more.

It's evident to me that this area is well kept. Looking at the picture, I would think I'm abroad because of how nice (and clean) the pavement was. This city is gorgeous.

And so I spent several minutes walking in this area. It was a calm morning, with just a few joggers and bikers around. There was also none of those busy rush of vehicles along the road. It was the perfect scenery for me to slow down and do some meditative walk.

Upon noticing that the sunrise was getting brighter, I decided to do a U-turn and start my walk back to the hotel.

The locals have their humor. 😜

Slightly sweaty after that walk, I went back to our room to prepare for the official start of our activities. Well, hey, that was indeed a walk to remember. ✨

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