Iloilo Trip 2020: Day 4 ~ Transfer to the City

July 17, 2022

It was our last day in this beautiful resort. We were leaving before lunchtime, bound to Ilo-ilo city several kilometers away. I intentionally wanted to wake up early, to just have some time alone before we travel. I woke up around 5:30 AM, just in time for the sunrise. I dressed up and went by the seashore, and just sat at one of the beach chairs there.

It was a calm and peaceful scenery. It was quiet as no one was in sight except for several dogs who were running along the shore. For several minutes I just observed them, looking closely at their dynamics, as the pack of dogs ran back and forth dancing with the waves of the sea. Amidst this calm setting, I was not fully at ease. I tried aligning myself with this relaxing ambiance, but it seemed like something was off, and I cannot pinpoint it. I found it frustrating. Looking back writing these all down now, I realized that acknowledging this conundrum was the trigger that started my journey towards the path of spirituality 🕉️☯️. This moment for me was the pivotal point. I then went back to my room and waited for my roommates to wake up. 😅

So after eating breakfast, we packed up our things and said goodbye to our room for the past few days. ✨

The trip to the city took several hours. I was the assigned navigator because I was the one who booked our accommodation there. Thanks to Google Maps, we were able to arrive at our hotel!

We stayed at Injap Tower Hotel, which was the perfect spot because it was at the heart of the city and was just opposite the mall. 

This time, we booked two rooms: us three girls in one, and the couple (🥰) in the other room. Our room was comfy and good enough for our needs.

After settling down our belongings, we went around and explored the other amenities of the hotel. They even had a gym! But of course we didn't have time, and we didn't like, to exercise (😅) so we just quickly looked around.

We went to the mall to buy some essentials, and then rested for a bit in the hotel. We waited for the evening to continue our adventures. 😉 On the next post: celebration of Steve's birthday!

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