Sagada 2023: An Introduction

June 27, 2023

Have you ever gone hiking? Remember that feeling of being all tired and sweaty after a long day of going up and down the mountain? Imagine that it rained when you hiked and you are still in your wet trekking clothes. And then at last, you are now seated with your group, at the dining table at a resting area, and you're now sipping a steaming bowl of hot chicken soup?  It's just an ordinary chicken soup, nothing really special about it, but for some reason, this chicken soup is the best one you've ever had. 😍✨

That was a wall or words, alright. But that chicken soup... that's how I describe this recent trip I had to Sagada. I traveled with my homies for a 2D1N trip (yup we were crazy for pushing through it), but it's one of the best trips I have done in a while... I compared that chicken soup with this trip because I enjoyed this trip SO MUCH. Even though it was tiring and expensive, I had so much fun because first, I missed the outside world (LOL), second, I missed eating out and exploring new places, and finally, I missed my friends! 😊 It's so nice to be able to bond with them this way since we don't really get to see each other often because we are all working remotely.

Half of our trip was spent travelling by bus to and from Sagada, The rest was walking uphill and visiting and eating food in the restaurants around. My last visit in Sagada was in 2017, which involved mostly outdoor activities like going to caves, trekking to falls, and trekking at Marlboro hills. This time around, because my dear knees won't be able to handle those activities, we all had a chill itinerary, which involved eating. 😉

This will just be a short series of posts, but they are brimming with happy memories. A lot of first times for sure, and I'm very excited to recall and look back at them again as I write about them on the blog. Stay tuned! 😉

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