Solo in Tokyo (Day 8): Shopping in Odaiba

August 06, 2023

After the dreamlike experience at teamLab, I broke away from the Redditor group and went on my own (murmured something about shopping 😅). I wanted to maximize my time in the prefecture and I strictly had limited time to stay here (coz I need to be in another place by sunset) and so I (awkwardly) said my goodbyes to my fellow Redditors to return to my solo adventures.

Venus Fort

I really didn't have specific plans on what to visit, so I just went with where my feet took me. I arrived at my first exploration point: this plaza with an artificial blue sky ceiling (I think I already saw this somewhere). Upon googling, apparently I have set foot to Venus Fort.

There were lots of stores around. I bought a snowflake necklace from one of the stalls in the middle of the shopping center. It was a low-price piece of jewelry, but it has a special meaning for me, given all that I was able to experience during this Tokyo trip. ❄️

Apparently, Venus Fort is just part of a larger stretch of malls in the area called Palette Town. I went up to the second floor and found lots and lots of stores again! And guess what I found -- a Totoro store! 💖 This shop is called Donguri, an official Studio Ghibli shop!

It's so nice to look around the items. They have not just Totoro merch, but also other cute stuff like Disney and some anime. Of course, I didn't miss this chance to grab some goodies for myself. 😜

Bought some goodies also! bag, lanyards, ref magnets

I continued my exploration outside and just walked around randomly under the sunshine. I just felt so amazed still with how cool Tokyo is, even now that I'm on my last day of this trip. They have these gorgeous parks where people can just hang out and have fun.

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 

I wasn't really intending to visit this, but I guess when you're in Odaiba, you just can't miss it. Of course, even from far away, I easily spotted this life-size Gundam statue. As a child who grew up watching those robot shows like Voltes V and Daimos, I couldn't help but get mesmerized by this Gundam.

Aside from it being life-size, I was at awe with the details they have added to this structure. And yes, I took several minutes taking photos of every angle of the Gundam structure. I adored it so much.

Of course, I have to have a selfie. 😅

And then I continued my exploration inside the mall. I stumbled upon this ice cream store. Of course, I had to try it because -- matcha. 💚

I sat down for a while in one of the nearby seats and I comfortably ate this ice cream. 🥰

As I continued to do some more sight-seeing, I realized that it would take a day to truly tour around the place. There's so much to see, and I took photos of the lovely sceneries that I saw around.

Finding the Clow Book

As I continued exploring the plaza, I stumbled upon these stores inside. 

Of course, there's the ever reliable Daiso store, with lots of assortments of items inside.

And this is the part of the trip where things just felt so magical. Remember my efforts in finding the Clow Book in Akihabara? During this time, I have already let go of that task of finding a Clow Book. But upon exploring the plaza, I found myself entering the Kumazawa Bookstore, and 'lo and behold... as I turned towards a bookshelf hallway, I found myself looking at a Clow Book, displayed on the shelf. I vividly remember that only one copy was there, and that book was sitting at the center of an empty part of that bookshelf. It felt like things were in slow motion as I made my steps towards the book (I know I know it sounds too dramatic and theatrical, but in my mind, that's how it happened). I took the book into my hands, and the feelings of happiness just overflowed within me. I went straight to the cashier and (sheepishly) handed the book to the cashier. I didn't know how I might have looked back then, but for sure I knew I was mildly trying to compose myself because I couldn't stop beaming because I felt so lucky to finally find the Clow Book!

As I finished my transaction at the cashier counter and exited the bookstore, I knew that my mission here was completed. With my steps feeling so lighter and brighter, I made my way to the final destination of the trip, to see my last Tokyo sunset for this year. I'll tell you that story in my next post! 🗼

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