Phantomwise Tarot: My First Card Spread

August 13, 2023

I have recently become curious about Tarot cards, ever since I received a card reading from ashlili.readings. I am already familiar with card readings, as I have done several of them using the Clow Cards since acquiring them in 2019. Through Ashlili Readings, I got a glimpse on how to do Tarot readings. I realized that compared with Clow Cards, the Tarot card deck has a wider scope of perspective and a more flexible interpretation. Because of this, I felt so gravitated towards this art and so I decided to get a deck for myself.

Acquiring the Phantomwise Tarot Deck

And so I searched online for Tarot cards. There's A LOT of options out there! 🀯. On the onset of seeing a lot of versions out there, I already knew that I wanted a Tarot deck that I will very well be connected to. I wanted something unique and special for me. I couldn't remember now how it dawned on me but through one thing and another, I stumbled upon the Phantomwise Tarot by Erin Morgenstern. I am no stranger to Erin's art. In fact, I am a huge fan of her works (Night Circus and Starless Sea are both my favorite novels; I have physical copies of them πŸ€“πŸ“šπŸ’“). Reading about the Phantomwise Tarot, I learned that the card illustrations are actually painted by hand by Erin herself. Also, she was doing this art while she was writing the Night Circus book. Well with all these details, I very well knew that this is the Tarot deck for me. I wanted this one, and no other will do it for me.

I researched on where to get this and I found out that only one of the local bookstores here (Fullybooked) had this in their inventory. And upon checking on their website, the item was listed as Out of Stock. 😭 But, if there's a will, there's a way, right? πŸ˜‰ I remembered this delivery service called Kango Express. I signed up for an account ages ago and I haven't really tried their service. I realized that this is my chance to test their service on an item that I wouldn't worry about being lost or taken interest in by other people. And so after some research on Amazon US, I checked out the item and placed the delivery address to the Kango Express US Warehouse. After a little over a week of waiting, the parcel finally arrived at our doorstep.

The cards are as great as I expected them to be. The illustrations are so gorgeous! I super love the box that came with it. There's also a guidebook included with suggested spreads and also the interpretation of each card. 

My Reading

As I looked at the options for spreads, the Celestial Navigation spread resonated with me, and so that's what I did. Here are the results and my interpretation on them:

The current position/circumstance - The Ace of Pentacles
I am in this phase of my life wherein I am welcoming a lot of opportunities to allow myself to grow. I am grabbing those chances to develop my confidence and soft skills by experiencing new things and interacting with new environments and new audiences. I am also embracing new adventures, being open to visit new places, which in turn allows me to discover more about myself.

The tool that will aid me in this course - The Two of Cups
Having new connections will help me in this journey of self-development and self-discovery. Bonding with kindred spirits, forming new friendships, developing new bonds (may it be platonic or romantic) will help me in this journey. And I must say that this is true as it's part of my goal to widen my circle and just allow new people in my life. I'm also looking forward to working with a mentor that has become a huge part of this journey. I just have to recognize and acknowledge these opportunities as they come and not really shy away from them.

An idea or influence that may be fading - The Ace of Cups
The idea that I need to have a partner/someone special to feel complete and fulfilled is something that is losing its spark. I mean of course I would want to have a husband to form a family with in the future, however my sense of being right now is not reliant on it. I am becoming more confident and comfortable with my skin to declare that yeah I don't have a special someone right now, and it hardly matters. I am investing in myself here right now and I can be a great person with how I am right now.

A point to keep constant - The Page of Pentacles
I have to take my plans into action. I manage my to-do list well, outlining the tasks that I need to do each day, each week, each month, and each quarter. I enumerate each item that needs to be accomplished. However, the process of planning already takes some of my energy away. When it is time to execute the plans, I tend to procrastinate.πŸ˜…I then have this illusion that I am being productive because of all the planning. The truth is -- I'm not really achieving much. So I have to be mindful of this vicious cycle and escape myself out of it. I have to recognize and acknowledge that planning is just the first phase of things. Doing the actual work is the most important part actually. I have to become a more responsible adult and take on the tasks when needed, regardless of how I am feeling.

An aspect that is yet to be considered - The Seven of Swords
I might be putting too many tasks on my plate. Because of this, I feel overwhelmed all the time. I see myself as always occupied and always busy, but when asked "busy on what" I don't have an articulate response. And so I might consider revisiting my tasks and responsibilities and letting go of things that won't serve me anymore. I have to trim down my to-do list and reevaluate tasks and personal projects that would still be valuable for me. That might make things easier for me in the long run.

My goal/destination - The Hermit

I'm in this journey of self-development and fulfillment, and also the process of getting to know myself. It would help me greatly for the rest of my life if I know how to recognize my values so I can have a more effective process of choosing my battles in life. Having inner peace is also an important thing, and when I find it, I want to learn how to protect it also. 

And that was my reading! I really enjoyed being in an insightful mode with my own self and my thoughts, allowing myself to see myself more clearly. I really enjoyed this process. I'm grateful to be able to have another tool for self-introspection.

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