Moonlit Night [☾ ~ #8]

February 15, 2012

[I got really busy this past few week so I only got to blog today. Work was hell. T.T]

At last! The moon reached its full phase. I was waiting for it since I got to capture Orion on my lens to see how the image would look like using the camera.

And it turned to be like this...


Honestly, I was not really happy with the results. I expected too much. It dawned to me that my camera's lens are not powerful enough to see the craters of the moon, or even just the lunar surface's details.

The moon. Believe me, this is the moon. ;p

Oh well. Lesson learned. Invest on the lens. But since I'm just a beginner, I can go on learn the basics first and when I'm skilled enough (and equipped enough), I can give lunar photography a second try. :)

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