Nature's Stars and Man-Made Stars -- MOA Pyro Olympics [☾ ~ #9]

February 15, 2012

Since 2010, a Pyro Olympics competition between countries is being held at the Manila Bay in front of SM Mall of Asia. Two countries every week showcase their fireworks display synchronized with music. Last week, it was against Korea and Malta. :)

We purchased silver tickets (which cost a hundred bucks) and our view was fairly good (except to that CloseUp Stage blocking the scenery). We were facing the western sky above Manila Bay and we were able to have a nice view of Jupiter and Venus about to set at the horizon! :D

And then, the show begins!!


 First off was South Korea. In fairness, their display was spectacular.

The biggest mistake that I did on this night was that I didn't bring a tripod with me. T.T I already knew beforehand that the camera should be very stable when shooting fireworks displays so that you can set the camera to longer shutter speeds to capture the trails of the fireworks. However since I still don't have a decent one, I just left the one I have at home. :O

Luckily, I was still able to create shots like these ones.


I dunno if I was imagining it, but I thought I saw some of the fireworks form Hangul characters. :D And then 2NE1's "I Am The Best" was also played in the background of the show. :D


During Malta's turn, I tried another way of shooting the fireworks. I intentionally adjusted the focus so that the lights would look blurred. It turned out nicely though. :D

As for Malta's show, it was more formal as if it was for some royal wedding because most of the displays have golden colors, unlike Korea's which was more pop and colorful.

Their finale was crazy. Almost a hundred fireworks like the ones above was fired up one after another until lots of it illuminated the sky. I've never seen anything like that. 

If I were one of the judges, I'd be on Korea's favor (not because I'm a fan of Kpop). Their display was consistently impressive throughout the show even though they didn't have a finale as grand as that of Malta's.

This is the first event that I got to use our new camera, and I was not that disappointed with the results. What more if I had a tripod! OMG. 

Anyways, great job Korea and Malta! :)

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