The Morning Rush Top 10 Book Signing [★]

February 18, 2012

Mornings have always been fun because of this radio show. At 6:00AM, tune the FM radio frequency to 93.1 and for sure you would be hearing cheerful voices of a guy and a gal, greeting everyone a wonderful day. They are no other than the multi-awarded tandem Chico and Delamar.

For years I've been listening to them. Today, I finally got to see them in person during the book signing of their book "The Best of Chico and Delamar's The Morning Rush Top 10" at Powerbooks in Greenbelt Makati.

My first glimpse at the funny duo of the Morning Rush

We were several minutes late so when we arrived, the book signing was already ongoing. Around 300 people arrived for the signing. My number was 143.

Even there, they were so funny. They cracked jokes and everyone was laughing with them. The great chemistry between the two had always been the key ingredient in making them one of the top-listened shows on FM radio.

Finally, we got our turn to meet and greet them. Yay!

Chico and Delamar with my sis (left), my close friend (center) and me (right) !!

By the way, the book that they've launched is a compilation of all the entries that they received on their show for the top 10 of the day, which is based on any topic under the sun.

Thank you Chico and Del, for always making our mornings fun. :D

*** If you haven't listened to them, podcasts are available at iTunes. Many people are so hooked up on this show, they even made the podcasts become the top downloaded in the Entertainment section of iTunes. :D

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