CNA launches its Grand Opening Day [★]

May 20, 2012

The store is finally open!

The familiar three-letter logo name distinctively marked the store's spot. Actually, the area is very accessible because it's just a quick walk from the Pedro Gil Station of LRT Line 1.

Immediately after entering the store, the place felt like a fangirl's haven because there are lots of items that would really feed that addiction!

This store is definitely every girl's dream place! There are so many accessories available. You will have a hard time preventing yourself from not buying them all! xD

From hair accessories, to earrings, nail polish, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, they all have it here to satisfy the needs of your kikay side.

These hair ties look like they're good to eat. xD
Now these will make my kikay kit happy.

 The earrings all have cute and unique designs.

The greatest thing among these is the fact that these pretty items come in a cute price too. The items are cheap, but are of good quality.

Aside from those very colorful beauty items, there are also kpop merchandise and albums available there, original and straight from Korea! :D

You will never forget your tasks and the date again with these calendars and mini note pads.
These kpop chibi socks are so cute!

 While you are busy shopping, you can even sing along with the cool and hippy kpop songs being played from an HD TV in the store. 

Everyone sure had a great time looking and searching for the best items for them. The Krimmy couple was there too! They were very busy entertaining a lot of costumers.

Can you spot the Krimmy couple? :D
The store's first day was definitely a success. There would be more items available there in the future. I think this store will be in my tracker list for the months to come. ;)


I would definitely return to this place! Maybe every payday? >< Well it won't hurt my pocket that much, so I guess I will. *huge fangirl grin*

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