Tarantallegra - JYJ's Junsu Casts the Dance Spell [☝]

May 15, 2012

On the strike of midnight of the 14th of May, C-JES Entertainment finally unveiled the full version of the music video of JYJ Junsu's latest track Tarantallegra for his upcoming solo album of the same title. The 4-minute-and-35-second HD video that was released through JYJ's official youtube channel has gained 500,000+ views a day after its release.

This MV has been highly anticipated by fans after C-JES released three teasers starting from two weeks before. This is also the first time that we get to hear the song in full-length.

Tarantallegra is a term coined from the Harry Potter book series which is a spell that makes a person's legs to dance uncontrollably. Well apt, with the song's chorus that goes:

Tarantallegra, let’s enjoy.
Tarantallegra, be intoxicated with music.
Tarantallegra, so what.
Tarantallegra, don’t hesitate.
Tarantallegra The music
Tarantallegra, you will feel it.
Tarantallegra, this moment.
Tarantallegra, abandon yourself.

On the first few seconds into the MV, the familiar trademark of Junsu's compositions begins to play. That electro and upbeat dance sounds have been present in his other compositions like My Page, Xiahtic, Intoxication and Mission. Junsu arranged the song, while JUNO (his twin brother) wrote the lyrics. His powerful vocals consumed the song's melody with some parts auto-tuned making it sound more like electronic pop. Flowsik also shared his music skills as he raps away in English and Korean.


Just from the teasers, we are given the impression that this will be a very sexy video. Junsu's eerie costumes will certainly make Lady Gaga give them a second look. The atmosphere is so dark and devilish, effectively drawing the audience to the 'dance spell' delivered by the song. It really helps add in the dark aura that Junsu is still in his Death costume (he played Tod in the Elizabeth musical), with the blond hair and black nail polish getup.

It's as if Tod has been suddenly given a singing career.

It is obvious from the video that Junsu learned a lot on projection and acting from theater. His image in this video looked like an extension of his musical character, as he intensely glared and smirked at the camera.

The video has sex written all over it. With hot ladies smoldering all over Junsu, the effect is just so hard to resist (The dancers are the same ones that accompanied JYJ in their last American tour) It is very satisfying to have this element in this music video. Compared to the one for Intoxication (Japanese version), wherein the video was so lacking in this element given that the song is about sexual conquest.

The video being seductive is an understatement.

And my oh my, this guy can really dance. It worked well with his overflowing charisma. The choreography created by Jeri Slaughter is indeed on international level as his team is the same one that worked with top performers like Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey.

Many fans are still not used to this image of Junsu as he used to have that cute and angelic smile when he was still part of TVXQ. This is a big step, continuing what he did in Intoxication, in molding his image into a sexy and mature one. And I can say that he was able to pull it off flawlessly. He has highly evolved into becoming a world-class performer.


video and images copyright of C-JES Entertainment

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