Hanging Out at Holly's Coffee [★]

July 08, 2012

Nowadays, Korean stores and restaurants have sprouted like mushrooms all  around the Metro, and it's all to the Halyu wave to blame. For the past years, Korean culture has slowly creeped into the country starting from Korean dramas, to music and to the whole culture itself. As a kpop fan myself, I am actually delighted to this kind of progress. :D

Recently, my sister and I visited Holly's Coffee, a Korean cafe, at SM Southmall. Several scenes of our recently concluded kdrama fandom, Rooftop Prince, have been shot in that cafe shop. This is one major reason why we wanted to visit the place.

Scenes from the drama Rooftop Prince done at Hollys

The place is actually nice. It's all cozy because of the couches and the soft lights around the cafe. If it was near our home and I was still in school, this would be a perfect studying venue for me.

my sister's order: White Chocolate
mne was Mint Chocolate Caffe Mocha

The price range of the drinks here are almost the same as that of other cafes. Surely, we enjoyed our visit in this Korean cafe. Hope to be back soon, or better yet, hope a nearer branch opens up so we could visit more often. Yay! :D

The author enjoying her sip of coffee. :D

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