Resurrecting the Bookworm in Me [❁]

July 19, 2012

A recent visit to a local bookstore made me realize how much I missed reading books, and that I needed to do some catching up to keep up with my to-read list. I am a big fan of book sales. Whenever I drop by the mall, I never (most of the time) fail to visit Booksale, Filbars, National Bookstore, or Powerbooks (whichever is available at the mall). Recently, my love for books is beginning to come back. Usually I spend my spare time doing stuff online but now I just read books instead. During my visit, I saw several of  the books that I've been meaning to read for so long, but because of one reason or another, failed to do so.

One of the most memorable book purchases that I did was for my copy of 'The Silver Chair', an installment to the Chronicles of Narnia book series. Until now, I can't believe I just bought it for Pph15.00 (around $0.34) in one of the Booksale branches when I was in high school. It was already an old copy but it is still in good reading condition.

I'm planning to reread these.

So, to address this personal dilemma that I have, I am setting this goal of reading at least one book within three months, or more if I can. I've realized that this is the 'escape from reality' that I've been looking for. Moreover, reading is food for the mind. It will also help widen up my vocabulary.

So starting this month, I aim to read more books, and maybe I can post here my thoughts about them. Anyway, here is a list of the book that I am planning to indulge myself with:

  • The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern *currently reading*
  • The Road Less Travelled - M. Scott Peck *reread* 
  • Train Man - Densha Otoko
  • The Tao-Teh King, Sayings of Lao-Tzu - C. Spurgeon Medhurst
  • Fifty Shades Freed - E.L. James
  • Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins
  • Mocking Jay - Suzanne Collins
  • Battle Royale -  Batoru Rowaiaru
  • Harry Potter Books (1-7) - J.K. Rowling  *reread* 
  • Chronicles of Narnia (1-7) - C.S. Lewis  *reread* 
  • Fragile Things - Neil Gaiman
  • Smokes and Mirrors - Neil Gaiman
  • The Golden Compass - Philip Pullman
  • Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West - Gregory Maguire
  • Son of a Witch - Gregory Maguire

That's the list for now. After these, I would like to read again some of the classic novels like Wuthering Heights, Interview with a Vampire, Greek Mythology and Alice in Wonderland.

This is gonna be a long journey across many worlds, and I am ready to pack my bags up for the trip. :D

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