Playing Around With Shutter Speed [☾ ~ #13]

July 08, 2012

If you are into DSLR photography, surely you know this stuff called shutter speed. As wikipedia defines it, 
Shutter speed represents the time that the shutter remains open when taking a photograph.
Trying different shutter speed settings produces dramatic effects on the photo. Slow shutter speed captures motion into the picture while fast shutter speed crisply freezes the object, even if it is moving fast while the photo is being taken.

Aside from motion, the amount of light captured into an image can also be affected by the shutter speed. Take these series of photos as example.


As you can see, the slower the shutter speed, the more light is absorbed in the image.

This is one photography technique that I've wanted to try for like forever, but it requires specific circumstances to be able to carry out the desired photo output.

Basically, there should be a moving object. That would be the subject of your photo. Preferably, the movement of the object is horizontal. Your goal is to get a crisp and clear shot of the moving object. To do this, your camera will have to move with the object. It's like when you are sitting, say in a cafe, then you see someone walk by. Your eyes follow and move along with that person. That's also what you want to do with your camera. And to do this, you have to set the camera to a slower shutter speed. Click the shutter button as soon as the object enters the frame of the lens, then let the lens follow the object until the exposure ends.

I happened to pass by an ice skating rink in a  mall when I was with my family. This is one perfect object for panning.

Getting the hang on panning can be a bit challenging. It would require a lot of practice to finally get the trick. I'm saying these because this is my first time to actually apply the technique on shooting moving objects, and the shots that I produced were just satisfactory. (^__^v)

Anyway, most things (if not everything) can be achieved through practice. So my panning skills would still improve in time. :D

Actually, it's nice to play around the settings of the camera. This is how you discover new tricks and techniques to apply in your photos. Maybe we'll tweak the other settings next time. 

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  1. cool! so that's what it's called... #interesting so, how's your panning skills now? :D


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