Enthralled by the Phantom of the Opera Musical [★]

September 30, 2012

At last! After more than a month's waiting time, we were able to see the Phantom of the Opera musical! The play is currently being presented at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila as part of their World Tour. It opened last August 25 and will be running until October 15 this year.

CCP Theater

Phantom of the Opera facts and trivias exhibited on the hallway of the theater

souvenir items sold at the theater lobby
Memorabilia items were available at the venue. There were souvenir programs, t-shirts, necklaces, bracelets, mugs and soundtrack CDs among others. While the play has not started, people were busy buying themselves POTO merchandise.

The play started at exactly 3PM. Everything was perfect. From beginning to end, they played each part very well and the props and scene transitions flowed very smoothly. The costumes looked wonderful! They all have vibrant colors, especially during the Masquerade part. And the props! OMG. They had so many, and of huge sizes too!

The scenes that I loved during the play were when the chandelier went up to the ceiling at the beginning and the stage transformed to the majestic Palais Garnier Opera House, the boat scene where Christine and Erik sing "The Phantom of the Opera" song, and the Masquerade part. :D

I think almost everyone will agree that the chandelier is a star of the musical. I loved how it goes up and down throughout the play. xD It's actually a replica of the one in the Palais Garneir Opera House in Paris.

I was also amused how the Phantom pops out from every part of the stage. He's so sneaky. xD

When we learned that it was not Claire Lyon who would perform Christine's role in our performance schedule, my sister and I were slightly disappointed. But Emilie Lynn, her alternate, was good too (and very beautiful!).  She hit the high notes flawlessly. Also, Jonathan Roxmouth and Anthony Downing looked so handsome!

During the curtain call, the people cheered loudly for the only Filipino member of the cast, Dondi Ong, who plays the role of Ubaldo Piangi. The cast received a standing ovation from the audience.

The  lead cast are so kind, they even tweet back to the fans. :D

Since camera usage inside the theater was prohibited, most of the audience just did the photo taking at the lobby.

the audience at the lobby after the show

Along with them, my sister and I took photos around the theater. :D

It was a fantastic evening. I am so happy I got to watch one of my most-loved musical play.


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