The Slender Game: Are You Brave Enough to Play It? [★]

September 10, 2012

There's one game that is recently creating a buzz in the online gaming community. Several gamers have tried it and they all say this is one of the scariest games they have ever played. The game doesn't involve killing zombies, and actually there are no scary-looking monsters in it. If you like games with a thrill of suspense and jolts of frightening surprises, then try playing Slender.

the original Slender Game's logo

Slender is an indie role-playing horror game wherein the player's goal is to find all eight notes scattered all around the game area. Armed with just a flashlight, the player's character moves around the forest and around landmarks (like houses, huge stones, trucks, and drums) to find the notes. Here's the catch, a mysterious and eerie looking creature, which they call as "Slender Man" is out there to get you and follows you throughout the game. You must avoid at all costs to be caught by him, or it will be game over for you.

With horror games, you really won't know what to expect and you just have to explore the environment. On this one particularly, you are in the middle of the forest at night with just a flash light. You walk around here and there clueless of where to head to, until a clearing and some landmarks appear to view and then you finally a see a note sticking on one of the walls of the white-tiled house. After picking the first note, the music starts to change. I swear, it's the music that is frightening above all in this game. There's this feeling that you are being watched and it's really freaky. I think we all have this "fear of the unknown", which is one of the major scare factor of the game. As you continue playing the game for some time, you will by then meet the Slender Man. He may be standing from a distance behind you and you see him when you turn around or he can also be in front of you. You will hear white static and the screen will blur when Slender Man is within your vision and you have to avert and run so that he won't catch up on you. The more notes you collect, the faster he moves towards you. You must always be prepared and alert (and sane enough?) to avoid him.

Hello there Mr. Slender Man. TT__TT

Actually, Slender Man does not really look scary at all. He's just a tall guy with long arms and legs wearing a black suit with a white feature-less face. He has no face that is and I am really grateful for that because it would be more terrifying if he had (T_T). People who have played this claim that this is even scarier than those games like Resident Evil and Left for Dead. Maybe because the game is too realistic, in a sense that you don't have much game controls and accessories. You control only the movement of the character in the game. Also, it has no pause option (for the earlier versions of the game). It's like a real-life simulation of a creepy stalker following you. I've noticed that most of the time, the main reason why the game ends is because the players become too surprised or shocked by Slender Man's sudden appearance (the sound effect is really a big factor!) that they let go of the mouse and keyboard to cover their face. When this happens, you have to start all over again with the game and with the notes.

Anyway, I really became addicted to this game, but I don't really play it. I've only gotten as far as collecting three notes. Actually. I've become addicted to watching other people play the game because their reactions are so hilarious! My favorite player is yamimash. He's very witty and he does the most priceless face reactions! xD Watching him play makes me forget my fear for Slender Man. :))

Since the release of the original, there have already been several versions of the Slender Man game that came out online. They have different environments and different objects to collect, but all of them has the same fear factor of Slender Man following you.

If you want to try to beat Slender Man, download the original version of the game in its official website. You'd not expect a faceless man in a suit could become this scary.

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