Overexposed Tour: Maroon 5 Live in Manila [★]

September 22, 2012

This is the third major concert that I have attended, and this is by far the best out of them.

This is one music band that I really love and adore. I have connected very well to the songs that they have released throughout the years. So when I learned that they were returning here for a concert for the third time, I  did not hesitate to purchase tickets to see them perform live. :D

The Maroon 5 concert was only a one-night show, and I knew many fans found this very frustrating. As early as July, tickets for the Patron, Lower Box, and Upper Box seats were already sold out. I believe this was during the time when their song Payphone was a big hit in the air waves, and this really helped in the ticket sales. Avid fans really stood by and monitored the availability of the tickets. My sister was the one who really insisted that we buy good tickets for the show. When we finally decided to get Lower Box seats, they were already sold out. We even hoped a second night show would be opened but we checked the tour schedule of the band, and we knew better that this won't be possible. More people became aware of the show as the day of the concert gradually approached, and eventually it was too late for most of them because tickets were already sold out. The topic even became a trend in Twitter a few weeks before the concert because of the people's expression of frustrations because they won't be able to see the show.

I was really excited for this concert because two bands that I like would perform. The Cab, the band behind the hit single Endlessly would be the front act of the show. I really like that song, and it's an added bonus that I would also see them perform live. :D

On the day of the concert, there were already people lining up outside the coliseum as early as 5PM. Gates opened at around 7PM. My sister and I were early enough to get good seats in Upper Box B. 

Smart Araneta minutes before the show

The concert started at around 8PM. People warmly welcomed The Cab as they walked up on stage and performed Temporary Bliss. Here is the set of songs that they've performed:

Temporary Bliss
La La

Alexander DeLeon, the main vocalist of The Cab, was wearing a black bonnet and shirt with several silver necklaces on. I reckon he looks like David Blaine with that outfit. xD One of the guitarists, I noticed, looks like Josh Hutcherson. xD The moment they played Endlessly, I looked at the pianist and I told myself, I'm going to learn how to play that too.  He thanked Maroon 5 a lot of times for inviting them as front act, and also said that they would be returning here in the Philippines soon to hold concerts in certain malls .

I was still asking for more when they ended. But I'm happy they sang my favorite ones (Bad, Endlessly, and La La). I'm also kinda disappointed because they didn't sound good live. :( I'm a big fan of The Cab's vocals, however I was not able to hear that voice in their live performance. Oh well, some bands are like that. 

When their performance ended, the crowd was all hyped up because we all knew it would be Maroon 5 next! (though we waited for another 15 minutes or so for them to set everything up and I was beginning to getting bored).

And then, the lights dimmed and an old-school phone starts to ring. After a few seconds Maroon 5 came up on stage and sang Payphone. OMG!! The crowd cheers were deafening! What a way to open the concert with one of their most loved songs in their Overexposed album. Adam Levine was wearing an oily grey muscle shirt (oh yes, exposing his tattoos and curvy arms!)

Set List of Maroon 5 Live in Manila 2012 (Overexposed Tour) 
September 18, 2012 Smart Araneta Coliseum 
Makes Me Wonder
Lucky Strike
Sunday Morning
If I Never See Your Face Again
Wipe Your Eyes
Won't Go Home Without You
Harder to Breathe
Wake Up Call
One More Night
Hands All Over
This Love

The Sun (Adam on Drums)
She Will Be Loved (Acoustic)
Human League's "Don't You Want Me"
Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back"
Moves Like Jagger

The energy of the crowd was soooo overwhelming!! It was epic! The screams of the people grew louder whenever Maroon 5 began to play one of their old hit songs. I was familiar with most of their songs (I listened to their Overexposed album during the months before the concert) so I enjoyed every song that they performed. Actually there was no time to take a seat. I was standing the whole time of the concert dancing and singing along with the band and the crowd. The energy of the music was rushing through me. It was so fun!! My sister and I were doing our own dance moves to ride the beat. :D I didn't take pictures and videos that much. I cherished every moment with them as they sang their music to the crowd.

And just look at the glow sticks of the audience! It was an overwhelming sight. Several sticks of different colors were seen waving with the beat of the music. It makes me remember how the kpop crowd does this during their idols concert. As the show went on, the glowing lights became noticeably more radiant. Apparently, they were giving away free rainbow light sticks to the people (c/o sulit.ph). 

I really loved the way Adam moves his body with the music while singing, and also while playing the guitar and the drums. It was so intoxicating and sexy. On the other hand, it was hilarious listening to him talk. He sounds like a chipmunk! This is mainly because his voice is really high-pitched, and it even goes higher when he shouts.

He thanked all the fans for supporting them all this time. You can see it in his face that he really enjoys performing before a crowd. I thought he was going to dance that viral Korean song "Oppa Gangnam Style" because they played some parts of it in the show.

I just wished they didn't sing 'She Will Be Loved' (because I have bitter memories tied in it hehe) but when they did, it was in acoustic version and my heart melted because it sounded way even better and more romantic to add on all of that. It was really perfect.

After their last song, all the band members walked to the center of the stage and all together bowed before the crowd. The drummer gave the drumsticks to the audience. The show ended at around 11PM. 

It was one epic concert with one great band producing great music before a great crowd. For two days following the concert night, my throat was hurting and my voice was hoarse. I really gave all my energy to that concert. xD 

Thank you so much Maroon 5! This is a night that I will surely remember. Please continue creating great music. :D

 Adam Levine you are sooo hot. Please marry me! x)

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