KPOP Con 4: Ending The Year the Fangirling Way [★]

December 31, 2012

The day has come for all the kpop fans in the country to unite for this one grand event!

It's the KPOP Convention 4!

Held last Saturday (December 29) at the PICC Forums 1-3, hundreds upon hundreds of kpop fans all over the country gathered to celebrate the music that we all have come to love. Gates opened at 9AM but upon our arrival at around 10:30AM, there was still a loooong line at the entrance and the queue keeps on piling up (in a very fast rate I must say) that it already reached the curve to another street outside the hall.

By the way, we were not able to witness the CassPH Flashmob. I heard they did great though! Good job Cassies! :D

It was Miss Kring Elenzano  who hosted the event. She looked so stunningly beautiful (as always hehe)!

the stage at the kpop con 4

Through this entry, I was able to win in a blogger contest sponsored by Nuffnang PH. I met Ada and Mel, fellow bloggers, at the event. They were both very nice. (*^▽^*). Ada sure knows a LOT about kpop (she knew the answer to most of the trivia questions). Mel said she loves 2NE1. We went up on stage to claim our prize. It was 대박!

Ada, Mel and me. Winners of the Nuffnang KPOP Blogger Contest.

photo courtesy of PKCI

photo courtesy of PKCI

 Being third place, I got Eskinol and Liole gift packs and GCs from Basic House. Thank you to Ms. Trixie Esguerra for assisting us in the event. :D

I was with my sister (who also loves TVXQ) so after the awarding, we went straight to the Cassiopeia booth to check out their stuff.

And the first ones I noticed were these standees! (*°∀°)=3 Everyone was pointing out how JYJ were larger and taller than HoMin. :))

Excuse me, I just need to SPAZZ!! (。♥‿♥。)

 It's the first kpop event that my sister has attended. It's so fun seeing her fangirl too and posing with the TVXQ standees. I was the one who introduced her to the group. She's Changmin-biased by the way. :D

My sister passed her application form while I was able to claim my CassPH membership card at last. Yay!! I'm now officially a member! I noticed that they made a typo on my name, but they promised to reprint it though. They would be shipping it together with my sister's card. d(-_^)

This kinda reminds me of the Hogwarts acceptance letter :))

Kpop Con was indeed a gathering of fans of different kpop groups. Almost everyone was wearing something that expresses their fandom. We walked around to check out the other booths and we really didn't know where to start! Every booth has their own gimmick to entertain the fans.

TVXQ shirt at the KPOP Con 4

It's the first year JYJ Philippines participated in the KPOP Con. It's kinda sad that a separate fanclub was needed to be established for the former TVXQ members. Oh well, at least CassPH totally supports this group! :D

Why is this fandom called 'Eels'? 「(゚ペ)

We also checked out lots of kpop stuff along the concessionaires' booths.

Tarantallegra spotted!

I just had to fangirl a bit on Kang Sora. She's apparently the image model of Basic House. I love her in We Got Married with Super Junior's Leeteuk. :D


The rookie kpop group A.cian was one of the guests in the event. They performed some of their songs on stage. I was not able to catch their performance. I couldn't barely hear them amidst the fangirl screams. The crowd was so hyper! Everyone started standing up on their seats and several people were holding up their cameras to film them. I hope A.cian was able to feel the warm love of their Filipino fans. :D

I met-up with some of my long-time Cassie friends and we did our Christmas exchange gifts there. 

The one that picked my name knows I am Junsu-biased so she got me a standee from that Korean cosmetic shop. I was so thrilled! ^_______^

I was not able to maximize the fun at the event because we had to go home early (I didn't catch F.Cuz perform!). I got news later that CassPH won the Best Fanclub of the Year and Kim Jaejoong bagged the Hottest Male Award yet again (three years straight)! I am so proud of my fandom! T^T

It was really really fun! I can't wait for next year already. Thank you to the Philippine KPOP Committee Inc. (PKCI) for making this all happen. O(≧▽≦)O


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(I saw Humanoids (TVXQ) and Tarantallegra (Xia Junsu) albums during the event. I'm adding 'em up on my wishlist. (●♡∀♡))

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