The 4th Philippine KPOP Convention

December 23, 2012

Time flies real fast! It's already the fourth one! 

The Philippine KPOP Committee Inc. (PKCI) brings yet again the biggest gathering of all kpop fans in the country - The 4th Annual Philippine KPOP Convention - on December 29, 2012 (9AM - 9PM) at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Forums 1-3. 

This event, which started in 2009 (the year I have come to know kpop), is by far the biggest event in the country that every kpop fan awaits every December.

Just looking at this poster makes me squeal with excitement. ^_^
 There are a lot of reasons why I am looking forward for this event.

 My First KPOP Con
This is the first time I'm attending the convention so I am really looking forward to it! ヾ(*´∇`)ノ 
KPOP fandom in the Philippines has gone a long way in recent years. It just gets better and grander! Usually I attend events hosted by CassPH because it's the fanclub of my major fandom -TVXQ (they spearheaded this annual convention by the way). Since then, I have gone to know other bands too and listen to their music (Super Junior, Girls Generation, Shinee, f(x), Wonder Girls, KARA, CN Blue, 2NE1, After School, Sistar, to mention a few). Attending the event would be a great way to know more about the other kpop groups as well. (^_・)

Early Morning Flashmob
OVERHEARD: A fanclub (which I cannot disclose, because I think it is a surprise event, right?) will be holding a flashmob on the day of the convention. This is a must-see! I just got this inside info from a friend who would be participating in the event. This would be the first flashmob that I would be seeing personally so I guess I need to go there earlier than I originally planned. ┏((= ̄(エ) ̄=))┛

Fanclub Membership
Around 60+ fanclub booths would be present in this year's convention, each of them setting up activities for their fans . w(°o°)w
I just hope I would have enough energy to go through each of them. Maybe I would start with the ones I'm already familiar with. I could also claim my membership card from the CassPH booth at last! It's been two years since I applied for it. I'm excited! I could apply to other fan clubs too.

Cassies Reunion (^^)-(^^)-(^^)-(^^)-(^^)
I would be meeting my friends in the convention too. It's been more than a year since I last saw them. We were members of a clan before that became good friends even outside of the group. I already left that group but we still kept in touch. We would be exchanging Christmas gifts there. Yay!

Announcement of Winners of PH KPOP Awards 

It's time to take part and support my favorite idols! KPOP Con has its own awarding ceremony, acknowledging idols that the local kpop community love best. Thank you Globe for making this happen! Of course I have voted for my bets already (if you haven't, vote here! Voting ends on Christmas Day, December 25). 

F.Cuz and A.Cian
Okay I know these names are unfamiliar. They are actually rookie kpop groups that would be coming to the event. No, they are not cover groups. They are authentic kpop stars in the making and they would be performing there! 

 Sponsored by Standard Appliances, F.Cuz and A.Cian would also be holding a meet-and-greet and CD signing in the convention.

Doing a little research, here are some interesting facts about these two groups:

         A.Cian (에이션)

  •  debuted in August 2012
  • consists of five members: Seulgi (leader), Chanhee, Crooge, Sehee, and Sanghyeon (maknae)
  •  Seulgi and Sanghyeon have had exposures in a music band.
  • Crooge participated in dance competitions in the past.
  • Sehee had appeared in MBC's "Starry Night" (radio show).
  • Songs included in their first album "Stuck" are Hit, 거짓말 (Lie), Where`s Oh! My love?, Poisoning, and Stuck. (listen to these songs here).

F.Cuz ( 포커즈)
  • debuted in January 2010
  • consists of five members: Jinon (Leader, Main Rapper), Daegun (Main Vocalist), Raehyun (Vocalist), Kan (Lead Dancer, Power Vocalist, Visual), and Yejun (Lead Vocalist, Maknae)
  • Jinon, Kan, and Yejun have worked in a dance team with kpop superstar Rain.
  • have promoted in Korea, Japan and Taiwan.
  • Discography includes 7 Extended Plays (3 in Korea, 2 in Japan, 2 in Taiwan),  and 5 Singles (2 in Korea, 3 in Japan).

Lots of Talent Contests
CHECK THIS OUT: There would be a dance battle, singing contest, look-alike contest, kosplay, fashion show, and a blogger contest. It's gonna be a jam-packed day with all these activities happening! (´▽`)ノ♪

Lots of Freebies Too!
Just by attending the convention, you are 100% guaranteed to take home freebies. Pond's would be giving away free products to all attendees of the event while Liole would be providing free make-up and sample products too.  Basic House would also be giving gift certificates to the winners of the K-Fashion Invasion. Standard Appliances would be giving out appliances to winners of contests and Globe would be giving an iPhone5 and more freebies in the event! They would also be free tickets up for grabs for January's KPOP Fantasy Concert. ヽ(^Д^)ノ~~~

And the list could go on and on and on. I haven't mentioned all the kpop merchandise and albums that can be bought in the booths, and also the raffle prizes and games that the audience can join to!

There would be no tickets for sale in the event. In lieu of that, donation (minimum of P200) to Gawad Kalinga would grant you passes to the convention. Talk about fangirling with a cause! :D
Attending KPOP Con 4 would be the best year-ender for all kpop fangirls and fanboys.

Don't dare miss it.

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆  I can't wait for the 29th!




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