Year Ender: The Best of 2012 [❁]

December 31, 2012

This is the best year, or maybe the most memorable one, for me in recent years because a lot of opportunities had come my way, and I am so thankful for all of it. There were negative events as well, but they taught me to be brave and patient.

  • Purchase of a Good Camera
In the early part of the year, I bravely claimed that this is gonna be a year for photography, and it actually came true. My sister and I got a decent camera and with that, we started to hone our shooting skills. :D

  • Met the Kikay Barkada
I've been a fan of the RX 93.1's Morning Rush for years and this time I finally got to meet the DJs of the show not just once, but twice!

  • Fashion Week
It was a year for fashion too! Thanks to my sister's encouragement, I am learning how to become more stylish. xD

  • Attended concerts and musical
Of course, this is the year when I watched Lady Gaga and Maroon 5 perform LIVE! :D I also went to see the Phantom of the Opera staging at the CCP.

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Ball

Maroon 5 concert! \m/

POTO @ the CCP

  • Watched the UAAP Cheering Contest in the MOA Arena
I consider this an achievement because I always wanted to do this when I was still in college. And this year UP won again!! Wohoo! 

  • Observed the Geminds meteor shower with UP Astrosoc
After almost 3 years, I was able to return again to my good 'ol org and observed the Geminids meteor shower with them. I did not dare miss this year's because it is one of the rarest times that it's a new moon at the night of the peak of the shower. :D

  • Bought my long-dreamed piano!
It's since childhood that I have this dream, and now it has come true. ^_^

  • Won in a Blogging Contest
Actually, joining the contest was a last-minute thing. I am just so glad that my entry still got to be picked as a winner in the contest.

I won third place! :D

As for my goal in creating this blog, here are my progress so far. I already did:

7 steps towards my goal of Cooking,
2 steps in learning to develop apps on Android,
1 step in learning Hangul,
21 steps in mastering photography,
2 steps in playing the piano, and
1 step in staying on a diet

I know I won't be able to mention ALL of the good things that happened this year, but still I'm very thankful for all of it. Now, I'm claiming that 2013 will gonna be an epic year too.

Cheers for the new year to come! :D

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