Good Reads: The 2013 Reading Challenge [★]

January 06, 2013

The start of a new year sparks a start of a new set of resolutions. Most people do this because everyone is in for a new beginning and today it's a fresh new slate for all of us. Well technically, every new day is a blank page of our life, but it's a whole new different approach when it comes to the start of a year. 

Recently I discovered Good Reads, which is a social networking site wherein members can share with other people a list of books that they have read, currently reading, and planning to read. I've been hearing this site for some time but I only got to actually create an account recently. 

Apparently every start of the year, Good Reads members have this reading challenge, wherein they pledge to read a particular number of books for the whole year. According to the site's blog, in 2012 their members have read an average of 150 books. Now with the start of 2013, they are again encouraging their members to commit to a number of books to read for the year. 

It's my first time to join this challenge, and I'm pledging to read 10 books
Apparently for last year, I was able to finish reading 6 books. I'm gonna top that by 4 more books (and maybe even more!) this year. 

How about you, how many books can you pledge for the 2013 reading challenge? φ( ̄ー ̄ )ノ


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