In Love With Music [❁]

January 17, 2013

Today, something extraordinary happened (well for me at least). This is the first time that I felt that feeling while creating music. It was wonderful. It felt like now I understood how musicians feel when they do their art of composing and creating music. 

I played the piano for hours today (but it didn't feel like it was that long). I played random notes and all the pieces that I was learning throughout the years, from even the time I was playing on that mini Casio keyboard. I don't know but it just felt amazing, like music flowed in me and my soul was dancing with the melody. I have always known music as a best friend, because it has helped me through a lot of difficult times (especially in college when all the stress from acads overwhelmed me). Now it's a whole new sensation when it's me who is is now creating that wonderful music.

While I was playing with the notes, I noticed patterns that I thought sounded good. At the back of my mind, I always thought I have a knack at composing. Maybe I really do, and I am just beginning to discover it. It's worth a try. Maybe I could come up with a melody. Once I produce one, I'll upload it here. :D

I'm just so happy, I wanna cherish this feeling. ^___^

Here's one of my recently discovered wonderful music by Joe Hisaishi. The music that this composer creates is wonderful. I'm drawing the inspiration from him.

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