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January 17, 2013

 (This is a late post. I actually composed this entry a week ago.)


I'm writing this entry while at the office, waiting for my Ubuntu download to finish. A meeting has just finished several minutes ago and I was left with my brain rattled, overloaded with information that I think my little brain wouldn't absorb all in one sitting (but I know I should be able to for the next couple of months).

It was my first meeting on my new department that they call ETC, which stands for Emerging Technologies C____? (I can't recall the last word, what's wrong with me ><) and I would be working with an all-boys group that are all so good with handling IT stuff.

During the first few minutes of the meeting, I heard enough technical terms that would last me for a month. It was so brain racking. I felt a little dizzy at first, because I seemed to have gotten into a room full of people speaking in a language that is totally alien to me. They mentioned databases and servers and some other jargons that I can't really follow through.

When it was my turn to be assigned with a task, our team leader (sort of) gave me the assignment on mobile development which is where I'm interested in (and because I don't have a hell of idea with the other things that they were talking about). So my assignment for Thursday is to present to them the background knowledge that I have with developing on Androids. I wanted to tell them that I was just self-studying and I don't know much (!!) but all I could do is nod. >< I've got a rough idea on what I need to present. Well I'd have to be honest anyway and tell them that hey, all I know about Android is the basic ABCs, no more than that. T___T

Also, another task is to install Ubuntu on our machines so that we get a feel of the functionalities of the OS, and that's the reason why I'm downloading one. We have to double boot our machines (Windows + Ubuntu) which I haven't done in a long time so I guess that would be the first challenge for me. 

Also, our team leader mentioned about future training and seminars in learning more about the technology that we needed to study. So, more of this technical stuff to expect in the future. ><

*breathes deeply*

Honestly, this is the kind of exposure that I want. I yearn to know more about troubleshooting and those kinds of stuff. Now that I'm actually entering the elite circle of hardcore programmers in our company, I'm kind of intimidated because I'm dreading that I won't be able to keep up the pace with them (I'm a slow learner T_T) and that I would fail to fulfill their expectations for me. Also, I am the only female in the group, which adds to the awkwardness that I have for the group.

I'm really really worried right now, that's why I'm rambling all of these out of my system, so that later when the Ubuntu download finally finishes, I could calmly start with my first task at hand which is installing an Ubuntu.

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