A Tribute To The People I'm Lucky to Have Met [❁]

March 22, 2013

I have been thinking of writing something like this for a long while, and I thought this is the right time to do it, because I am beginning to feel that this little journey with these wonderful people are coming close to an end. Actually, some of them already have walked different paths, but still I am so grateful that I got to meet all of them. With that, I wanna make recognition to the ones who have helped a lot to make me who I am today.

The Funny Guy 

I love this guy's sense of humor and sense for style. He's so fun to be with. During two-bottle sessions, we'd be a little intoxicated, but it was enough for us to tell some of our life's issues that I guess we won't be able to talk comfortably when we are sober. With him in the crowd, we'd surely have the best laughs for the night. He's such a cool guy. Also, I love his taste for fashion. He's also fond of kpop like me, so I guess that's where he gets the inspiration.  Honestly, I believe that he's a straight guy, even if all of the people around say that he's not. :p 

The Crush ng Bayan

I didn't believe before that beauty, brains and a great personality could all be in one person until I met this amazing lady. She has a very nice aura, not just because of her charming face but also because of her very gentle personality. No wonder all the guys flock to her.

The Sarcastic Critic

All my college life I have been with one sarcastic dude, but this one has an overall different stir. A fan of minimalist art, he shares the same opinions and interests with me that's why it's a breeze to chat with him because I know we won't run out of ideas to share. I really didn't expect that we'd go along well, because I was a little bit intimidated because sometimes he's hard to please. xD But thankfully through books, games, smartphones, and our fascination for science, we were able to interact well.

The Plug-and-Play Programmer 

He's one of the best programmer that I've met so far (outside college, that is). I never heard him complain or mumble negative things whenever he had some difficult bugs to fix. He'd just say "Ang lungkot naman" (That's just sad) whenever he fails to solve a problem. But he doesn't stop there. He'd still think of ways to work around the problem, and most of the time he succeeds in finding the solution. I admire him a lot because of that kind of attitude. We got to work in the three projects that I got involved in that's why we were able to interact well. We learned each other's interests in the field that we're in. He would even share tips and coding techniques with me occasionally. Once he got involved in an Android Development project and he would always show me the current status of his project, because he knew that I am also interested in developing on Android but I still don't know much about it. 

He believed in my potential as a programmer, and I appreciated it very much. Although I did not push through with that opportunity that he had given me to take, I learned lots of things about myself and about what I really want to do in my career.

My First 'Parent'

This person was one of the first to train me in the field. He acts juvenile sometimes but if it's business matters that we would be talking about, he'd shift to a very serious aura. It's through him that I learned about the Studio Ghibli films because apparently he likes them too. He had a collection of most of the films! Despite the awkward silences that we had whenever we'd go back to the office from the client, he's one person that I give my biggest respect to. He shared with me words of wisdom that I still rely to until today whenever I feel down or tired about life in general. It was a priceless opportunity to be able to work with him.

My Second 'Parent'

It was also unexpected that I became close to this person, because most of the time I'd avoid that with my superiors because it's somewhat awkward for me. But this was different. I want to have a dad like him. Don't get me wrong, of course I love my dad (though we get into misunderstandings once in a while xD). It's just that I wished my dad and I had the same connection as with what I have with this person. What I admire most about him is his unique way of going through an argument and of approaching a problem. He'd always keep his cool whenever we were in a tight situation with a client. He thinks very logically and practically and delivers his argument to the panel with such great wit that the client just had to give in and admit that he was making the right point. He likes kpop (just like me!) but not mostly for the music (if you get what I mean xD). It was actually because of him that we were able to have a kpop-themed Christmas party at the office. He also likes singing in the karaoke and would order lots of shrimps in the local eat-all-you-can place. 

I dubbed him as the 'walking wikipedia' because he knows a lot about different things. He's the storyteller whenever we sit for lunch. It's amazing how sharp his memory is actually. I think he has the qualities of a writer, because he does it very well, mixing some of his unique sense of humor in it. I was so flattered when he made a poem for me on my birthday. He also likes to tell a lot of trivias with green jokes on the side. Actually I've gotten used to it but maybe if it were other girls, they might cringe with the things that he talks about. I think he's one of the few adults out there that doesn't have a problem with generation gap, because he can relate well to the interests of the youth today. 

He was also one of the first people to help me stand up when I fell on the stairs during one of our company outings. He cleaned my bleeding cut with alcohol and placed some band-aid on it. I was close to tearing up during that time, not because I was hurt by the wound, but because I was really touched. Thanks to him, I was able to appreciate myself and what I can do, not just at work, but in my life.

The Nice Guy

You'd think this kind of guy existed only in fairytales, but heck here he is, a perfect epitome of a prince charming straight from a story book. True enough, he marries the princess of his life who is also as nice as him. They're really a match made in heaven. He's one of the nicest guys I know around. I can't picture him going out in bars just like what some of my male colleagues do on a Friday night. He's also a very responsible leader. I'm lucky enough to be part of his team.

The Emo Guy

That title right there is a huge giveaway already of whom I'm referring to. He puts the 'emo' in 'emotional'. xD Kidding aside, he's a great guy. He was my teammate before. He's not a leader-type, so sometimes I had to figure out things on my own.  He's not the kind of teacher that would spoon-feed his student with the needed information. Thanks to that, I learned to work independently. Though I must say, he was always there whenever I needed help. He was my 'call-a-friend' lifeline whenever I got stuck on a program bug. 

He told me that he enjoys this kind of work. He said that every error encountered is an opportunity to learn something new.  With that mindset, he fitted perfectly in the prod support department of the company. He has a soft spot for cute babies and would always make it a point to tell it to us whenever he sees one. A night owl like I am, he would most of the time come to work with eyes drooling for sleep. He's also the sporty type who aims to slim down his body width. With his current attitude for work, I think he would do well in his career in the long run. 

The Hunk

This person is the most gentleman guy that I have met, to think that he's gay actually. He is so dedicated to his work. He handles life's problems in an excellent way that's why I look up to him. He's a very smart guy and a responsible son and brother to his family. Don't be fooled by the beard and the hairstyle, because he may look tough, but he actually has a soft heart. He's very jolly and witty too. I confide secrets to him because I know he's the best person to be trusted. I'm sure he'll do well in the future. :)

 The Rusher

This bubbly gal with her goofy character is a delight to us who had the chance to become her teammate. A critically-minded worker, she's serious when doing work but would blurt out punchlines in random. Surely, she lightens up the mood of every team that she's a part of. She became an active rusher for some time in The Morning Rush. Her sense of humor extends on the entries that she sends in the show. Fair enough, it appealed to Chico's sense of humor too, because most of the time her entries landed on the top 10 picks of the show. Since we are both rushers, we had a lot to talk and laugh about.

Like the princess, she helped me realize a lot of things about my environment. She is also my source of news about the latest happenings at the office. xD I like how she takes care of her family, and how she shows to everyone how much she adores her little son. 

And the best batchmates that I have...

The Momma 

This girl is full of charm and charisma, and I think she doesn't know that. She's one friendly gal that you could talk about anything under the sun. She has a weak heart for boys, and falls easily for them. Within our circle, she's the energy source and our refuge whenever we need advice for our problems. 

The Princess

I have never seen someone as spoiled as him, and yes I am talking about a guy here, who acts like a true princess. He's that "rich guy" whom we jokingly say would never run out of money even if all the banks go bankrupt. A proud homosexual, he's that person who is not afraid to be blunt about his feelings, be that be positive or negative. He could be that person who bullies and says harsh things to others, or that gentle one who loves to share stories with you. 

He's really friendly, I must say. I could still remember the first time he approached me. He asked me what book I was reading. Being Chinese-blooded that he is, he's very meticulous with the work output that he delivers. He's a keen observer, and thanks to that, he was able to expose things that I would never be able to notice myself. 

The Fangirl

This lady may look like a highschool-er but nope, she's a working adult already... but with emotions of a teenager. :)) Fangirling is her expertise. She's very into kpop. It's her world. Back then, my twitter timeline would be flooded by her random musings about her oppas as she spazzes about how they're so cute, adorable, handsome, smexy, hot, beautiful, etc. xD She has this weird signature dance that she does whenever she's too happy about something, or just plain bored. I like how she's always game-face-on whenever I invite her to events. Korea is our 'Mecca land' and it's our dream to be able to step on the soil where all the Hallyu wave came from. xD

The Singer-Programmer

Being close to this supergal was also unexpected because I get intimidated easily by people with strong personalities. I don't know how it happened but we got along really well. Being an only child, I thought she'd be spoiled and all that, but it was the exact opposite. She's one independent woman. She's very street smart. I would always ask directions from her whenever I have to go to a new place. She also loves food! She has the eye for the best restaurants with the best menu in the metro. Hanging out with her, we'd always do food trip and try out new cuisines. She cooks well too. She mentioned she wanted to open up a restaurant in the future. She's very musically talented too. A member of several chorales, she's a soprano that sings on weddings, gigs, and other special occasions. Aside from programming, music is one field that she wants to pursue professionally. I think she's already near on reaching that dream. With the upcoming European tour of her chorale, I'm sure she'd grow more as a singer and as a person. I wish her the best of luck! :D

The Bestfriend

Beng friends with her felt like I was able to reach the end of a rainbow and was able to earn something more precious than a pot of gold. Bestfriend is actually an understatement of the kind of connection that we have. I was able to prove that in a friend, you find a second self. I'm actually having difficulties writing my entry for her because I really don't know how to start, or how I would explain everything that we went through. I have only known her for three years, but it feels like she's a childhood friend. Sometimes I would share things to her that I found uncomfortable sharing with my sister (to think that me and my sis are very close too). 

She is a living diary of my life, because I tell almost everything to her. I think we've gone through some tough times that would cause a lifetime of wrath with other friends. Thankfully, she's very open-minded and understanding that she was able to cope with someone as weird as me. xD She's the source of my sanity during times that I thought I'd break down already. We helped each other grow a lot. It's a really symbiotic relationship.  

I got really sad when she officially told everyone at work that she would be saying goodbye soon, and would be venturing a new road in her career. It saddens me today when I think that for the next months I might not receive the regular 'good morning' email from her because she would be busy with her new environment. But even if that happens, I am thankful to have known her because she's just one in a million. :D 

Whew! I think I was able to pour my heart out in all of these entries. I'm just very blessed in being able to meet these great great people. :D I'd be packing my things pretty soon too. I hope I'd be able to cross roads with them again in the future. :)

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