KTO Miss Flower Spring Review

March 26, 2013

The cold wet days of Winter have ended, and finally it's Spring once again! Flowers will be starting to bloom and nature will bring out its colorful side again!~ (´∀`)♡

Oh wait, okay okay I know. I actually live in a tropical country and there's no such thing as Winter and Spring for me. Hehe. These seasons might not hold true for me, but in other parts of the world, the cold snow is actually melting already, transitioning to the next season of Spring. 

Thanks to this video, I am able to appreciate the wonders of nature during Spring especially in South Korea. 


"A Love Story, in the Language of Flowers"

This six-minute promotional video of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), set in tourism attractions in Korea, shows off the country's beautiful flowers fully bloomed during Spring.  It depicts two young lovers who go around the different locations taking pictures of these wonderful flowers. With very good cinematography, breathtaking shots and a romantic background music that play with it, this film will get you captivated as it speaks the universal language of love, music, and the wonders of nature. Every plant and flower symbolizes a trait, and as described and illustrated in the video, Azalea is Passion and Fragility, Persimmon Tree is a Beautiful Resting Place, Cherry Blossom is Pure Beauty, Green Tea is for Memories, Cole Flower is for Cheerfulness, Tulip is for Declaration of Love, and Green Barley is for Flourish.

Azalea: Passion and Fragility

Just within the first few seconds of the video, we see a wide mountain field full of pink flowers, and a lady taking pictures of them. It's crazy, the flowers are literally everywhere you look! These flowers almost covered the area, making it look pink all over.

It's such a wonderful scenery, like a place straight from a page of a fairytale. If I were the girl, I would also do the same ~ doodle some posts on a blank notebook then close my eyes to feel the gush of the wind while listening to relaxing music.

Then here comes the guy. I'm assuming he's late for their appointment because the girl looked pissed off. She then grabs a bottle of water from him when he was about to drink it, then chugs them all in one gulp, returning an empty bottle to him. :O

I like that part when the guy attempts to take a stolen shot of the girl, but then she turned and looked at the camera, so the guy whipped around so that the girl won't notice him. It shows the playful and shy side of the guy while on the other hand it also shows the strong personality of the girl.

Passion. Pink is commonly associated with affection and devotion. The guy obviously really likes the girl because he still warmly smiles even if the girl continuously ignores him. He even didn't get angry when she drank all of his water, to think that he lookes so tired after climbing up to that place. 

Fragility. Did you know that these lovely Azalea flowers are somehow highly toxic?  To me, it looks like their relationship is still in a delicate stage. Maybe they are still in the initial stages of courtship. The guy should do something to win the heart of the girl.

blooms Mid-May ~ Early June
Hwangmaesan Royal Azalea Festival
Hapcheon-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

Persimmon Tree: Beautiful Resting Place

The scenery changes and we see a town with houses made of rock, woods and straws, with lots of green trees around. The place looked like the countryside to me. 

This is indeed a perfect place to relax. I would love to read a good book in this kind of place. All the green trees around make the place like somewhere in paradise. I think the people that live here love nature and they take good care of their surroundings very much.

Beautiful Resting Place. The color green really gives off a relaxing aura. That is why being surrounded by trees gives a calming effect to people. The couple seems to have experienced that feeling when they looked around the village. They just took their time taking pictures of the beautiful flowers and the trees around the place.

Persimmon Tree
Naganeupseong Folk Village
Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do

Cherry Blossom: Pure Beauty

These lovely flowers that are known to propagate Japan can also be found in South Korea. It has always been my dream to see one of these trees personally. (*´▽`*)

Just like these flowers that exude such pure femininity, our lead lady shows her soft feminine side when she changes from wearing pants to sporting a cute skirt after her clumsy boyfriend accidentally splashes her pants with water. xD

Pure Beauty. A cherry blossom tree in full bloom is such a majestic sight, even locals look forward to Spring for this. Both in Korea and in Japan, they hold festivals to show appreciation of the beauty of the cherry blossoms. As with the couple, the guy saw the girl in a whole new light when she changed her outfit. The girl showed off her attractiveness as she walked towards the guy with her new outfit. She shyly smiled at him, and we see their connection with each other start to bloom beautifully.

Cherry Blossom
blooms Mid-April ~ Early May
Gaesimsa Temple
Seosan-si Chungcheongnam-do

Green Tea: Memories

I love green tea! I always order one whenever I'm at the local cafe and I always have green tea bags with me. It's a healthier substitute for coffee by the way. I never knew green tea plants are grown and planted in wide fields like these. It's so beautiful and relaxing. The whole field looks green! Imagine the number of green tea cups those can fill up! Wow!

It's very entertaining to see this cute couple transition to different auras on their photoshoot. Body language could really tell a lot about the relationship of two people. I loved the last shot best, because it somehow reminds me of My Sassy Girl, a Korean movie that became popular some years ago.

Memories. Do you still remember the last time you had a nice cup of tea while talking leisurely to someone? It's a nice feeling to reminisce the good times with someone you love. What's a better way to capture a memory than to take a picture of that exact moment? After taking pictures of flowers and nature individually for some time, this couple asks another couple to take their picture together.

Green Tea
Boseong Green Tea Festival
Boseong-gun Jeollanam-do

Cole Flower: Cheerfulness

Who would not be be cheered up by this kind of scenery? Those little yellow flowers that brighten up the field brings in warmth like rays of sunshine to anyone who sees it. Yellow is a bright color that is commonly associated to cheerful feelings. No wonder this girl becomes so playful in this scene, and at the same time the guy heartily laughs at her.  If I were in this kind of place, I would run and jump around the field too, feeling like a child again. 

Cheerfulness. Being able to goof around and laugh with the person she likes, the girl seemed to have become very comfortable being with this guy because she didn't care if she looked laughable or silly to him. It's a nice transition to their relationship, just like how these cole flowers cheers up the environment with their vibrant color. 

Cole Flower
blooms Mid-April ~ Mid-May
Gochang Hakwon Tourism Farm
Gochang-gun, Jeollabuk-do

Tulip: Declaration of Love

Those tulips look so gorgeous, especially the red ones. At first look these might be mistaken as roses but tulips have wider petals. Every plant is neatly arranged throughout the field. 

I just get to see these kinds of flowers as plastics on flower vases or in very expensive bouquets. I'm not sure if these flowers are for harvest actually, but if you ask me, I would just let them be in this field. I wouldn't get myself to pick them up because they are too beautiful to be removed from this field where they live.  

Declaration of Love. When the scene focuses on the girl's face while she reflects light on her mirror, her eyes seems to speak out 'I like you too'. It's like she has realized in that moment her true feelings for the guy and she is determined to show that to him.

This is truly one great place to confess your feelings to your special someone because it has a romantic aura within it. If someone confesses to me in this field, I would feel so touched and I can consider this whole field as my bouquet of tulips! :"D

blooms Early April ~ Early May
Location: Taean Flower Festival
Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

Green Barley: Flourish

It looks like ordinary grass on first sight, but actually there are grains at the tip. A barley plant with huge grains on it is like a symbol of a prosperous tomorrow for me. In our country, the Philippines, rice is such a staple food. A day will not be complete without a meal of rice for most Filipinos. So seeing a field with lots of healthy barley crops is comforting to me because it gives an assurance of being nourished by food in the future. :D

Flourish. The green barley field served as the venue for a challenge for their affection for each other. While they are busy taking pictures around, a guy out of nowhere approaches the girl and talks to her. A sign of curiosity draws upon our guy's face that says like, "Who's that person talking to her?" and I had this conclusion that this new guy is someone from the girl's past. However they talk for a short time only and the girl returns to her guy's side. This just left me wondering who that person might be. 

Then the girl asks the guy to piggyback her. This is such a romantic gesture (as what some Korean dramas portray) because it involves some skinship. Notice before, even the simple holding of hands (when the guy helped her climb up a slope) made the girl uncomfortable. Now, she is very much comfortable with him. It's also like her way of implying to the guy that hey I'm choosing you, because he might have felt some insecurity with the encounter of that other guy. She even shares her music with him and as they walk along the green barley fields, both their faces wore that complacent smile showing requited affection for each other and sealing a stronger relationship from then on. :D

Green Barley
blooms Mid-April ~ Mid-May
Location: Gochang Hakwon Tourism Farm
Gochang-gun, Jeollabuk-do

After watching this video, I got this feeling that if only I had the capacity (and the resources) to visit Korea this Spring, I would really pack my things and go there for a vacation I can't believe I'm missing out seeing and experiencing something like those flowers in my life! All of those places shown looked even better than what I have imagined as paradise in my mind. This is one reason why I think everyone in the world should go to different places every now and then, because traveling makes you experience things that you can't have at your hometown.

No words are needed to convey the message of the video. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, what more are videos like this. The different colors and qualities of each flower and crop featured spoke for itself the romantic story between the two lovers. It's a brilliant thing that the video has no words (except for the last part) because its target audience is actually the people outside Korea. It fully eliminates the language barrier that sometimes brings fear or intimidation to the foreign audience. Instead, the video spoke in a language that any eye and ear would fully understand.

The characters, the girl and the guy, are portrayed like tourists themselves that took photos of the different breathtaking sceneries. That is a nice way to introduce those new places to the audience. It's like presenting a story in a point of view similar to them. They showed exactly how I would want to interact with the environment when I get to visit those locations.  I love photography and I can relate to the awe and wonder that the couple felt upon visiting the places. That's one reason why this video captured my heart. Nature is such a nice subject for photographs. As long as the scenery is nice, you'll never get a bad photo out of it. 

The music was very nice and relaxing too, perfect for the breathtaking sceneries of the video. Apparently, the background music was especially written for this video by the composer who also wrote songs for a Korean movie entitled 'Christmas in August'. With that bit of information, I can say that this clip not just promoted Korea's Spring flowers, but also the wonderful music of its culture.

The piano music stopped when the girl removed her earbuds to ask the guy to piggyback her. It also paused when she removed her other earbud then resumed when she placed it on the guy's ear. These observations made me conclude that the music in the video actually comes from the girl's earbuds. Come to think of it, she wears earbuds throughout the video! It's such a playful and artful twist and I got really amused by that. :D

This is one very nice video that I would never get tired watching over and over again.  :)

For more info about going to Korea (and for more videos like this one showing the beauty of nature in Korea during different seasons!) check out KTO Manila's Facebook site.

I really learned to appreciate Korea more after seeing the beauty of nature there. Before, the main reason I wanted to visit that country is to see places featured in kdramas (I even bought a book about that!). But now, there's more to see there than just that. :D

Korea is such a nice place every tourist should visit, and I think Spring is the best season to do it. :D


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