The Two-Ingredient Cookie: One Instant and Healthy Snack [♨ ~ #8]

March 29, 2013

In my pursuit of learning to cook, I occasionally try recipes that I haven't tried preparing before. So far, adding up on the list are Bangus Sisig and White Adobo that I cooked weeks ago.

Aside from scanning my recipe books in search for an easy one to prepare, I stumbled upon an article in my ever helpful favorite website lifehacker on how to prepare cookies with just two ingredients. I immediately thought, really that's possible? So I read on. Apparently it's true! And the two ingredients that you will need are:

Don't believe me? Head on to this article to find out how to prepare this simple cookie. :D

Here's evidence that I actually made some of this. :D

Go try it out! It's very easy to make and it's actually healthy. :3


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