A Gift to the Philippines, From Me

February 05, 2014

I have a lot of dreams for the country. I believe my fellowmen can achieve great things, if they will try and not let our laid-back culture prevent us from achieving things beyond our limits (me included!).

If I could give my country one gift, if I had a genie perhaps, something that is possible to be done, I can only think of one thing -

Maybe you are wondering why I chose that instead of perhaps:
     - books for public schools
     - honest public officials (uhm is this possible my genie?)
     - work for more people!

These may sound cliche, but of course it's true that we need all of those of the above. I believe most problems of the society (if not all)  is reflected in our roads today and granting this wish will be a big change towards the development of our country.

Before children start their day at the school, before workers attend to their tasks at the office, they first commute. Lucky for those who have cars because travel can be a little convenient, compared to those who take public transportation.

Just imagine your mood after struggling through this on your way to the train every single morning to work/school?

(,,#゚Д゚) OMG!!
And I'm already late for work!!!

I just recently learned how to drive. Sadly, I realized what kind of reckless drivers we actually have on the road today. 

...those swerving jeepneys and taxis that can't seem to make up their mind on which lane to stay... 
...the deadly motorcycles that appear out of thin air zooming past the roads like a bee! (I seriously think these two-wheeled vehicles should be banned from public highways. I've been nearly killed by it several times -_-)...
...the buses who just don't know how to stay within the yellow lane at EDSA...
...even some private vehicles don't know how to obey basic traffic rules...

Giving in to road rage, disobeying traffic rules, having an unorderly queue at the jeepney stop... All of these show what kind of nation we are. 

This is the case in urban areas. Meanwhile in the countryside, we see lack of transportation there. I have heard of news before that some students walk several kilometers everyday just to reach their schools. When I say public transportation, it's not limited to vehicles but also to bridges, walkways, roads, and even boats!

These children brave the waters just to go to school. Read article here.

Having a good transportation system is essential for every developing country. It will create a healthy economy and a great local tourism. It will benefit all people from all walks of life. On the other hand, the discipline that people will learn in following the traffic rules will be carried out in other activities in life which will be a huge factor to achieve progress in the society.

That is my wish for my country.

How about you, if you can give one thing to our country, what will it be? Comment below and answer that question, and you might win yourself an IPad Mini 2!


This is an entry for NuffnangPH's #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 contest.

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