Appreciating the Smallest of Things [❁]

February 12, 2014

Remember this picture that became viral during the new year of 2013?

I did this last year (for the first half of the year only I think hehe) and I forgot I haven't opened my list yet. Looking in my "list bank", here's actually what I have collected:

Aaah, it was only a small pile. Peeking through the notes, here's some of the list of things that made me happy and thankful for that year.

  • arriving 3 hours earlier than usual at work... Sarap ng feeling ng maaga!
  • shopping with sis = bonding time!
  • crush said hi! ^_^
  • dinner with friends... sharing stories with your best friends... ^_^
  • finding exactly what you are looking for!
  • spread the happy cheers! i greeted people a happy new year on twitter, and several replied back (including Claire Lyon!)
  • seeing the moon set in the west while the sun is rising on the east.. =)
  • enjoying music while on the road
  • hearing music that you felt was meant for you
  • discovering things that inspire/change you

As I read each of the notes, I felt again that great feeling  that came with the memory. It was nice and wonderful!

I'm inspired again to continue this kind of tradition for the current year. This time, I'm writing down everyday happy moments and blessings on one (of our four!) Tony Moly calendars!

last month's entries

There are lots of great things happening recently. Though I failed to write down some of them in the calendar, I was well aware of those blessings and I am very much thankful for all of it. Doing this kind of habit is my way of humbly thanking the universe and God for giving me such blessings. This is how I wrap up the day.

They say you would never be able to count your blessings. I know, I am not trying to. This is just my way of focusing on the brighter side of things and to remind myself that there's no (or maybe just a little) reason to be down and sulky (which I tend to be most of the time haha).

By the end of the year, I would get to review all the great things that happened to me this year! Yay!

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