Super Junior M Tony Moly Fanmeet - An ELF's Dream Come True [★]

February 12, 2014

This journey into the pearl-sapphire-blue fandom can be considered a fairytale indeed.

Before I delve into the details of the fanmeet held by Super Junior-M here in the country (welll I don't really have much to tell, because it was my sister who had the first-hand experience of the fanmeet), let me do a review of how this fandom with them started. How did these bunch of boys, who once were nonamers to me, became my rays of sunshine and kilig for several months now?

How I Became A True Blue SuJu Fan
Like most of you perhaps, I first saw them on their Sorry, Sorry MV. You should have heard the way I dissed everything about them- the hair, the looks, even their talent. I would always compare them to my prime fandom - TVXQ (which I learned later on is an inappropriate thing to do, because each of them has their own brand of charm).

My admiration for them was sparked (and I swear this is when it all began) when NuffnangPH gave me free tickets to see their Supershow 5 here in Manila. Since then, me and my sister became fans. I learned to admire their personalities, their passion in performing, and also the love that they show to their fans. =)

The Tony Moly Hunger Games
We were already expecting something like this. When finally the information was confirmed, my sister and I got so delighted! Getting one fanmeet pass is okay, but paying for two is a bit too much. So we decided who would attend the fanmeet. Since I'm not really that head-over-heels for them, I gave the honors to my sister. And I could say this was meant for her. She was able to get a fanmeet stub from the Tony Moly branch in Alabang Town Center effortlessly through the help of some planning and doing quick and correct decisions. She was so lucky you'd think she gulped a few drops of Felix Felicis. She went home grinning from ear-to-ear with a huge haul of cosmetics and the fanmeet stub!

The Fanmeet: The Unforgettable Day with the Hallyu Superstars
Gateway Cinema 5 - I think all the people who went to the event will agree that they will never forget this place for the rest of their lives. Seeing your idols in person is already exhilarating, what more talking, shaking their hands, and even giving them a hug? OMG, any fan's heart will explode because of that experience!

In the afternoon of that fateful day, we lined up outside the cinema where the fanmeet was to be held. We met lots of great people while on queue. Truly, fellow kpop fans are very friendly to each other. It's never awkward to just talk to the people next to you in the line. Everyone was dressed pretty well. Of course this is a meet-and-greet! You'll be facing your idols so you have to look dashing and perfect! With the help of the products that we purchased from Tony Moly, we dolled ourselves up to look great and ready to meet the boys. :p

sister (left) and me (second to left) at the queue outside cinema 5

The energy in the place was highly contagious. Though there were negative vibes because of the prioritized J-elfs, everyone focused on the brighter side - THEY WILL BE MEETING SUPER JUNIOR-M! Truly, PH ELFs (or Ever Lasting Friends as they wish to call themselves) are very lucky.

I waited outside while my sister, with all the other fans, went inside Cinema 5. A book and a great drink kept me busy and distracted.

a green drink and a green book

After several minutes, a screaming sister (together with her new friend) rushed towards me with the autographed poster and Tony Moly freebies.  The next minutes were filled with spazzing, with both of them narrating everything that they could remember of the Suju boys' faces in the fanmeet. xD You can read my sister's fanmeet story in her blog.

After calming down, it was time to go home. We were already on our way down the building when a group of people on our front started screaming like crazy. When we looked up through the glass window onto the other side of the building, I saw them. The fanmeet has obviously ended, and they were already walking towards the secret exit I think. The first one I recognized was Sungmin, then came Kyuhyun, then Henry (OMG he was sooo handsome!!). I also saw Donghae and Eunhyuk. I was so delighted that they waved back happily to us. We were within the area where Donghae shot this instavid.

I was really happy because I still got to see them even if I didn't go the fanmeet. All thanks to great timing, or maybe I was able to get a few drops of the Luck Potion myself. :D

Lots of thanks to Tony Moly for bringing them here! Though I was not able to see them perform as a the sub-unit group in the concert, I was really happy that I was able to see them during the fanmeet. Now it's only Yesung and Leeteuk whom I haven't seen in person yet. I can't wait for that moment to come.

Super Junior! Thank you for showing us lots of love! =) Hoping to see you all again soon!

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